>I’ve Got the Blues


Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to my favourite bead shop yesterday, because it is closed on Mondays. I’ll have to go later today… Anyways, I decided to look through my bead stash. Below is a photo of some of the blues that I found. All of these beads are size 11’s, which is fine for such a large piece.

Then, I started beading my British bus with 2 of the darkest blues that I have. I am planning to approach this piece slightly different than some of my other pieces. Instead of starting with the headlights and nose of the vehicle, I started at the tail end of the bus. I am beading around an outline that I drew in with a fabric pen. This design is taken from an original Bedford OB. But, for the rest of the piece, I plan to do a little improvisation:)

Now, we are ready to begin our journey…

11 thoughts on “>I’ve Got the Blues

  1. >You are back!! I had not had a chance to read my blogs in weeks, so it was nice to see you are back. Congrats on the published “DIVAS” and on being accepted in the Bead Dreams contest. I have good vibes about that engine!! Glad your trip was so much fun and I love the bus you are now working on.

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