>To Finish or Not to Finish…


Long before I began working on my beaded television, I came up with an idea for a new piece. I decided not to begin that piece until I returned from Europe because I expect that it will be quite involved. I also expect that it will be larger and even more detailed than my beaded fire truck. And, now that I have returned from vacation, I am inspired to begin that piece. But, my beaded television is still in progress. I have never put one piece aside to begin another piece before, but sometimes when inspiration comes, you have to do just that. I am currently working on a drawing for my next piece, and I hope to present it very soon. I do not want to completely stop working on my television, though. I think I will just move it to my kitchen table and work on it a little at a time until it is finished, but part of me is afraid that it may never be finished… Have any of you ever put aside a piece to work on something new? And, if so, did you ever complete the piece that you originally set aside??

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  1. >Yes, I certainly do get back to the original piece and finish it. Not to say that I don’t have a number of UFO’s around here, but I try to eventually complete them. Well, most of them…..

  2. >WoW! you work on one project at a time? I ALWAYS have about 6 (or more even!)–projects going–right now I am working on a beaded bracelts (right angle), and knitting (almost done) baby bootee, and knitting a hat (very very close to done), and knitting some slippers to be felted(just begun), and doing two –one hand painted, one on the computer—designs for my fabric design classes. And this doesn’t count the half finished projects I have..from sewing a blouse out of vintage linens to knitting a sweater. I always have so many more ideas for things I want to create than I ever have time to do…but I have a pretty good track record for picking up an unfinished project–even 2 years later!–and finishing it…I guess I believe in following what intrigues you at the moment.

  3. >Of course, I have. My Jesus head is still on the loom, I’ve finally finished my mountain lion which was only a couple of years in the making and putting it down and then making it and putting it down. . .and I’ve just finished a new necklace and my mosaic peice. You are doing this for you, LB, not for me. You need to do it the way and when you need to do it.

  4. >I’ve done the same – put something aside and went back to it later. I felt invigorated the second time around.And it’s nice to have a fall back project for those times you’re not feeling particularly inspired.

  5. >Ohh how I can relate! I have been doing the lately. Starting a project, not finishing it. Being inspired by something else, to start another project. Now my heads totally spinning! I never did that before either. Just started doing that this Month. Anyhoo, I really hope that you finish all of your projects as your work is sooo wonderful! *HUGS*

  6. >”From the body to the soul, where our heart leads we must go …” (DCD)Do what you feel NOW! Start the new thing when your heart says to you to do so …

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