>Beading in Germany


For some reason, I still feel jet-lag. Is this common?? Maybe I’m just tired… It’s probably because I’ve been busy working the last couple of days. I think I need a vacation from my vacation! LOL. I also think that it will take me some time to organize all of my photos so that you can see them… Anyways, last week I was in Germany visiting Nina. It was a wonderful experience to see such a beautiful country. It was also nice to meet a fellow beader. When I arrived, Nina presented me with a gift that she created- a gorgeous French-beaded red & white lily. I thought that was so sweet! Danke=:)

During my visit, Nina & I got the chance to do a little beadwork:)

Nina had asked me to show her how to do freeform peyote, so, on Saturday, we both made bracelets. Below is a photo of mine. I used several different sized seed beads & Swarovski crystals, as well as a magnetic clasp for closure. The colours are silver, white, purple, and green.

What do you think I should call it?? Any ideas??

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  1. >Very nice bracelet…I would name it “Ode to RockDog”…but that’s just me… LOL!That Music Note shirt is killer! I love it!

  2. >I´m bad with names. At my parents home, all cats were “Pirulín” and dogs “Colita”. So… sorry I don´t be able to help. 😉

  3. >Guten Tag! (My limited German.)I really love your good idea to have “a vacation after a vacation”! AGREE!! :)I am not good at naming either, how about “Sparkling Heart” (just a random thought pop up in my mind).

  4. >How about Volcano Park as that is sort of what my first thought was when I saw it on Nina’s blog. Not being an overseas traveler, I don’t know how long it takes to get over jet lag, but I’m thinking the people I know who are have a rough 3 days and it gets better until a week later they are fine.

  5. >Woooo wonderful work! I love them both! I am not wonderful at naming things. I have a hard time naming my work sometimes. It’s weird to cause sometimes the names will just pop out there and other times I can’t think of one at all. Anyhoo I love these! Wish I lived closer we could get together and do some beading. I want to try that stuff one day.*HUGS*

  6. >Welcome back! It sounds like you had a marvelous trip abroad. Love your free form peyote bracelet. I’d have to dust off my German language skills to help you name it. Maybe I’ll think about it a bit more.Congratulations on both Bead and Button and the juried show. Well deserved!

  7. >Oh no, Corky! Not Blitzkrieg! There are other German words in your language you could use.For example: Lederhosen or Gemütlichkeit! ;)By the way, the German word for emerald is “smaragd” or “smaragdfarben” (emerald colored)!

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