>Jumpstart My Car


After spending almost an entire day on a Boeing 777, I was quite happy to land safely at Logan International Airport in Boston just a few hours ago. It is nice to be home, but it would have been better if British Airways actually put my luggage on the plane in London. LOL. Also, I feel that my 3-wk holiday in Europe was not long enough. However, it was long enough for my plant to die. It was also long enough for the battery in my vintage Buick to lose its charge while I was away… So, I called AAA and had them jump it so I could take it for a spin. Of course, doing 70mph on the highway in MA is not nearly as cool as doing 170km/hr on the Autobahn, but, there’s just something I love about driving a big ol’ American car:) Anyways, while I was driving, this Motley Crue song came to mind…


There are so many things I want to share with you about my trip, but it’s hard for me to think right now. I’m sure the jet lag is finally setting in, so I will sleep now. Please tune in tomorrow:)

16 thoughts on “>Jumpstart My Car

  1. >Glad you’ve returned! I’ve missed checking in on your progress. (of course, my progress is stalled at the moment – gave up punchneedling for gardening. It’s one of those Must Dos)

  2. >Great, now I’m singing “Dr. Feelgood” LOL!Hee! Hee! Darn it! It’s gonna be in my head ALL DAY!!!! LOL!Oh, I loved seeing the Divas in the new B&B, they’re GORGEOUS! And lucky us, we got to see them from inception to fruition. FANTASTIC!Welcome back, and hope the jet lag won’t mess up your internal clock too much. ;)…”He’s the one they call Dr. FeelgoodHe’s the one that makes ya feel all rightHe’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood”…Yeah, thanks there, Diana… 😉

  3. >I’m sooo glad that your back! Your blog was missing the attention. LOLOLOL Ya sound worn out girly! Hope that some sleep will do ya a world of good!*HUGS*

  4. >Gruss Gott! Wie geht’s mein freund? Ich hofe du gehabst ein schones zeit im Deutchland!Ok, that’s “hello, how are you, I hope you had a great time in Germany!” in my really bad German.Welcome back, and just get some sleep. Your body will need it.

  5. >I missed you 🙂 and look forward to hearing about your trip. how cool!oh, you got in Bead and Button mag, that is great. congrats.

  6. >Awww… thanks for the comments. I have missed everyone so much. And, I can’t wait to catch up on all of your blogs:) Also, I have not seen that B&B magazine yet. Hopefully, it will be in my mail when I go to pick it up later…

  7. >I think, I know what you mean regarding what is good about an American car. 🙂 That’s sad that your flower died, your luggage has not yet arrived and the battery is broken. 😦 But you arrived safe and sound! :)))

  8. >I am glad to see you made it back home safe. I have been keeping up with your pictures on your travel blog. It looks like a GREAT time!!Get some rest. We are all waiting to hear of your good times.

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