>Mission: Beadwork


Thank you for all of your comments and emails regarding my last post. They really helped me get through an impossible day…

But, today is a new day, and I plan to focus on my mission. My mission for the day is to continue working on my beaded television set. I am close to finishing the area around the screen. Here, I’m using size 15 black seed beads. I also stitched on a piece of clear vinyl for the screen itself. Next, I’ll have to figure out how to make the knobs actually turn, like on a real RCA.

My mission for the weekend is to figure out what to pack for a 3-week trip to Europe.

And, my mission for this weblog continues. It is to employ the power of beadwork to educate, inspire, and unify people across the globe=:)

What is your mission?

11 thoughts on “>Mission: Beadwork

  1. >I don’t think I have a predestinated mission as I don’t believe in preordination. The “mission” of everyone is to make the best possible of his/her life and of his/her skills. We only have THIS life, I don’t believe in an afterlife.

  2. >I read the comments after I commented and I thought, Ooooooh, good one from artandtea. I think I may do the same and want to thank her for the idea and thought. I love that you are doing with beads as a base.

  3. >Mission Impossible was one of my favs in the old days. My mission now, is to get through the next snow storm and for a life mission, well, I think it to let the world know I care about them–each one, as I meet them. Ought to keep me busy! And to have a good life! Yep, that’s in there too!

  4. >Fenny: I am so happy to hear that I am inspiring you:)Angela: Mission Impossible first aired in 1966. It was about a team of secret agents who worked for the US gov’t. They were sent on missions to combat dictators, evil organizations, and crime lords. Nauma: I love your mission of the day. I love pizza, and I can’t wait to see your finger puppets=:)Corky & Barb: Can’t wait to hear all about your missions. And, thank you for your words of encouragemant, ArtandTea. =:)

  5. >Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I’ve enjoyed the “blast from the past” reading your posts on the old tv shows. Yes, I admit, I’ve watched most of them at the time they originally aired on tv. I’m sorry to hear of your heartbreaking experience recently. A trip to Europe sounds like just the thing to help you re-focus and feel better. I guess that my mission is similar to yours – educate and inspire through creating my art and sharing my love of tea. No matter what is happening in our lives, we always have our BEADS! Oh joy! Take care, LB.

  6. >Chan, chan. chan, chan, chan, chan…This was the favorite TV serie of my family! My father loved it.My mission of today:Go with mom to her doctorCrochet some fingers puppetsMake pizzas tonight…=:o)

  7. >Glad that you are recovering well. You remind me of this last sentance by Scarlett in “Gone with the wind” – “Afterall, tomorrow is another day..”I appreciate your mission – to educate and inspire. I’m sure somehow, you are successful in doing so, at least you have inspired me to remain open-minded in appreciating arts. 🙂

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