>Life Preservers, Anyone?



Oh, who are they kidding, anyways? Love DOES hurt. No matter how much you give love, it does not ‘float back to you’. It is also not ‘life’s sweetest reward’…. at least not today…. =:(

I didn’t get the chance to do any beadwork today…I’m sorry… I was busy getting my heart broken by this guy who I fell in love with… I cannot get into the details at the moment… Hopefully, I’ll meet a knight-in-shining-armor next week when I’m in London. Then, perhaps, I’ll forget about this sinking feeling I have right now…=:(

15 thoughts on “>Life Preservers, Anyone?

  1. >I’m so sorry to hear about your broken heart. I can feel the hurt. I had to post here instead of your newest one, because you struck a chord with me, plus I liked Love Boat much better than Mission Impossible.

  2. >oh, LB, sorry to hear about that! Yes, love will hurt and I suppose that’s why there is a saying that “Great expectation (in love) may comes with great disappointment.” Anyway, isn’t that what life is all about? Take care and hope you’ll be fine soon and pick up your enthusiasm in enjoying life and your brilliant works!

  3. >I bet he was a ford guy ;)That sucks. You’ll have fun on your trip. I sure I can find a way to have him taken out for you.Up to you ;)Best of luck to you!

  4. >LB, look at all the love that is sent to you — we have come to ‘know’ and love you — sorta family — and trust me, this love will help see you through the rough spots. Your trip is coming at a perfect time — so enjoy every moment of it and know we are with you. My moniker, Beadin’ GRAM, is for a reason — I have grandchildren your age — so, sweetie, in my life — been there, gone through that — and you will survive — and find a better person along the way. Big hugz, B Gram

  5. >Well I’m really sorry to catch up with you on a bad day… As Seinfeld said, “People: they’re the worst.” I’d add, and guys especially.’Glad I got here in time to say HAVE A GREAT TRIP! And maybe you will meet your knight-in-shining-armor. Thing seem to happen for a reason, so go with the flow.I loved TV as a kid but haven’t watched much of it since I became a “grown up” – which means the “gap” in my TV knowledge began before you were born! Still, I love your RCA. And in case I never mentioned it, the fire truck is fabulous. I’m looking forward to seeing your next project develop.As they say in Austria, “Gute fahrt!”

  6. >Well, what was he thinking? He can’t have been all that great if he didn’t see what he could have had and didn’t take you up on it! Must be a mistake on his part! I enjoyed the Love Boat. I bet you do meet the one you are looking for when you don’t expect it. That’s the way it was for DH and I. Total surprise! But I knew with in two hours of meeting him! How’s that for fast? Besides, you’re going to GB! It will be wonderful!

  7. >I love that theme song. Now it’s stuck in my head. The Lovee boat, All aboard! LOLOLOL Anyhoo, how wonderful this one is! *HUGS*

  8. >Jude Deavereux wrote “A Knight in Shining Armor” – good trash reading on the air plane. Love hurts, but it’s usually worth it in the long run.

  9. >Oh, LB! I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve been thinking about the last comment you left me and have been meaning to write about my own experience and confusion on the subject. It still stings a bit so it’s a tad difficult to organize my thoughts in a rational, ordered manner…

  10. >Litle tears on your face are sufficient! Many tears will not allow you to see your knight-in-shining-armor who comes closer for the horizon. I wish you the best of the trips! Hugs

  11. >Heather and her family watched Love Boat every week. Me? No.By the way, Rachel’s little plastic men were made by some European toy company. (We’re house-sitting for a British family.)Hey, if you send me an email at phmerrill at excitedotcom, I’ll send you a postcard from Kenya. Only about 7 weeks here left!

  12. >Oh no! What did happen? If you are in the mood to, please mail me.I loved love boat. Have not seen it in a long time but I would like to. The song is great and schmaltzy, too! 😉

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