>Kustom Bilt


America loves it’s comic book superheroes, and we certainly have many of them. In my eyes, Batman stands out above the rest – probably because he drives a cool car, The Batmobile.  

The original Batmobile began as a concept car called the Lincoln Futura, which was built in 1954. The car was never put into production, and in 1960, custom car designer George Barris from Barris Kustom City purchased it directly from the Ford Motor Company for just $1. In 1965, Barris was asked by ABC television to design a custom vehicle for the new Batman series. Because Barris had limited time, he decided to use the Futura as the car’s base, and in only 3 weeks, the Batmobile was born. The car became one of the most memorable vehicles of the late 1960’s and it is probably Barris’ most famous design.

George Barris’ work is art on wheels. I often dream of owning one of his custom built hot rods. Especially either the Blue Danube or his Zupan’49 Merc. Oh, and then there’s the Fireball 500… I can’t decide; they’re all too cool. It looks like I’ll need at least a 3-car garage… Until then, I’ll just have to keep making beaded hot rods, instead=:)

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  2. >Awww.. thanks for all of the comments. Yes, I do a little research when I have time:) And, no, I have not started to pack yet? Any suggestions on what to pack for 3 countries??I know, as little as possible, right? 🙂

  3. >You seem to do as much research as you spend time beading! It’s fun coming here to see what bit of trivia and knowledge we will find out!Another fun project that has captured all of our attention!Of course much more importantly, have you started packing yet?

  4. >Holy Beads, Batman, we’re back on TV.Now, I just need the Monkees to feel that my childhood is complete.Or those Shirley Temple movies that played on Sunday morning!!

  5. >Liked Batman, growing up…except I watched because of the Catwoman. I think I wanted to be her.1 piece of Easter candy for my daughter, 1 for me…who says chocolate isn’t a food group?

  6. >I loved the batman series so much that I adopted many of their catchisms…you know…like…BAM! and POW! when I fake smack someone…it’s one of those endering things about me now…it also dates me like crazy…whatever! 🙂 The TV is looking good!

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