Today is Easter Sunday, which means that millions of children woke up to find an Easter basket filled with chocolate. Chocolate bunnies & chocolate eggs….Lots and lots of chocolate… But, just because cocoa has been found to contain flavanoids that help keep your blood flowing and your high blood pressure down doesn’t mean that kids should eat a lot of it. Remember, all things in moderation…

Here are a few words from the wise:


Yes, this applies to adults, too…

Have a Happy Easter=:)

3 thoughts on “>Toothache

  1. >Willy Woka!!! Make’s me think…Oh the song in it….UUmmmPaaa Ummmpaaaaa Looommmpaaaadeeee doooooo You will live in happiness to like the Ummmpaaa Looommpaaddeeeedooo! LOLOLOLOL What a wonderful movie! I have the older one and the new one. In my oppinion (Although Johnny Depp is cute) Nobody can top the old one. Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! *HUGS*

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