>KoOkY & sPoOkY



THeY’rE cReEpY aNd ThEy’Re KoOkY,
mYsTeRiOuS aNd SpOoKy,
THeY’rE aLL tOgEtHeR oOky,

ThEiR hOuSe iS a MuSeUm
WHeRe PeOpLe cOmE tO sEe ‘Em
tHeY rEaLly ArE a ScReAm


So GeT a WiTcHeS sHaWl oN
A bRoOmStiCk YoU cAn CrAwL oN
wE’rE gOnNa PaY a CaLl On

The Addams Family‘s original run only lasted 2 years – from 1964- 1966. But, this bizarre show was quite popular in syndication many years later. I used to watch it everyday after school in the early 1980’s. I loved its comedy, special effects, and strange characters. And, I think my favourite character of them all was Thing. LOL.

Thing was the disembodied hand that lived in one of the many boxes around the house. Even though Thing was a little creepy, he was pretty useful, from what I can remember. Thing often lit Gomez Addams‘ cigars, fetched the mail, and changed the channel on the television set. In fact, I think Thing was really the first television remote control…
I’ll bet he never got lost in the couch… =:)

Who was your favourite Addams Family character??

9 thoughts on “>KoOkY & sPoOkY

  1. >Well, I guess I’m going to be the lone advocate for Wednesday. I used to wear my hair in braided pigtails, so people told me I looked like her.Ten or so years ago I got to play the Addams Family theme song at contest with my orchestra… fun!

  2. >”Thing” was my favorite. I had very long hair and would comb it down in front. It was good for a laugh when we were kids. I love the different TV programs you have had on your new project.

  3. >I have a pretty good liking for Thing but when I was a kid I loved Cousin Itt. Maybe because I had very long hair and could make myself look like Cousin Itt.

  4. >*Snap* *Snap* Duhhh Duhhh Duhhh Duhhh I LOVE THE ADAMS FAMILY! How wonderful! Now that songs gonna be going through my head all day…lolololol but still great post!

  5. >The Addams family! I like it! I love Aunt Lucas (I don´t know his name in english, version original)Things in Argentina was named Manos(hands)The theme in spanish is close tu original lyrics… es una familia muy normal.

  6. >Oh, “Thing” is called “eiskaltes Händchen” in German. It means: Icecold hand. Did not know that it is only called Thing in English. I like Morticia, I have always wanted to be like her. 😀 Love the Addams Theme! I am wondering if we had a German version of the theme … What about a post about “Star Trek – The Next Generation”? 😉 LOVE TNG (Star Trek – Das nächste Jahrhundert)!

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