(This post is for Mateo🙂

Three. That was how old I was in the year 1977. And, that was probably the year that I really began to remember anything I watched on television. Of course, at that age, my favourite TV show was Sesame Street.

Children and parents around the world are familiar with Sesame Street. It is an American children’s television series that became well-known for combining both education and entertainment. It is currently one of the longest running television shows in U.S. history. But, in 1977, I didn’t know that this show would have such a positive effect on me or the rest of the world. I just watched it because I loved the Muppet characters, as well as the music on the show. For example, I couldn’t wait for the Pinball Number Count to come on. This was one of my favourite parts:)


Later in life, I discovered that this funky track was recorded by The Pointer Sisters, and it debuted on Sesame Street in 1977. As a kid, I really enjoyed the lyrics – in fact, I still count like this in my mind. But as I listen to the song now, I realize that the groovy bass line and solos are the best parts=:)

One Two Three FOUR Five, Six Seven Eight NINE Ten, Eleven Twelve…

You know you want to sing it=:)

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  1. >I was 11 in 1977 and had moved on from Seasame Street by then, but did watch it when I was younger. I also remember liking Captain Kangaroo, Zoom, and Mr. Rogers too. How about School House Rock? I loved those on Saturday mornings.I remember this song well. My favorite on Seasame Street was also the Count.

  2. >Thanks LB!You are so sweet! Mateo loves Sesame Street. Actually he´s watching SS at Discovery Street. Of course songs are in spanish but they are funny too. Sometimes Mateo and I sing a SS song all the afternoon and we have a great moment!:D

  3. >Thank you for all of the comments! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this post. Brings back some great memories, doesn’t it?? LOL. And, I did watch Mr. Rogers, as well. I love the train. I always wanted a train like that in my house. LOL. And, Sandy, I’m so glad U found me! We are practically neighbors! Anyways, you can find the link to my tutorial in the sidebar of my blog. Click on “My Bead Embroidery Class”. And, if you have any questions at all please feel free to click on the email button on the top of my sidebar, and send me a message. I hope this helps=:)

  4. >Hey..dgrygo..i finally found you..i saw a embordided cuff that you showed someone on bead and button how to make and i was wondering if u can show me….

  5. >OMG! I still count like this sometimes TOO! :DThere’s a special place in my heart for Cookie Monster. It’s a travesty that they decided to put him on a diet! Sure…it’s totally rational to blame a MUPPET for childhood obesity in America! How about telling the kids to go out in the yard to kick a ball around as opposed to sitting them in front of the TV as convenient babysitter? Now THERE’s an idea./rant over.Back to One two three FOUR five six seven eight nine TEN e-leven twelve!

  6. >I now feel old – I’d never heard this – I was watching sesame street when it first aired in 69. This project looks fun and I’m looking forward to your parade of TV shows over the next few weeks.

  7. >It’s looking interesting…We groove on “Friends”. Between one friend here and another, all the DVDs are available. We got sucked in.Christina Aguilera would have been way boring to me too.Hope you have a great trip to Europe!

  8. >My son went into terrors when I would go outside to hang up clothes if it was windy out. (We didn’t own a dryer when I was washing and folding diapers everday.) It was from good old Sesame Street, In the 60’s they had a song about “Gone with the Wind,” and he was sure I’d be blown away. Heck, even then I was no feather weight. And he could never understand why they didn’t say ‘Marvelous Mike’ in stead of ‘Marvelous Martha’ for M. Frankly, neither could I. Oh, and Mr. Rogers came on afterward, so while Mike would get wound up watching S. S. I could always count on Mr. R to calm him down. That was the extent of what I let him watch.

  9. >I loved SS. Watched it everyday when I was younger and Mr. Rogers and stuff like that. My dad used to sing the Count to us. “I count slowly…slowly…slowly getting faster…once I start counting it’s very hard to stop, counting counting, it is soooo exciting, I can count forever count until I drop, 1, 2 ,3,4….” We got sooo excited when he did that. LOLOLOL Anyhoo…lots of memories from SS *Sighs* Did you watch Mr. Rogers too? “Let’s make the most of this beautiful day…sense we’re together we might as well say…could you be mine,would you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor? Won’t you be? Please won’t you be? Please won’t you be…my neighbor? HELLO NEIGHBOR!” LOLOLOL Thanks for the memories. 🙂 *HUGS*

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