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Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, and that is exactly what I needed this weekend. On Friday, I had to work my real job, and it was quite the long day… In fact, I was so exhausted yesterday, that I had to take a day off from blogging! I hope you weren’t mad. LOL.

Last night, I had some time to start on my bead-embroidered television. I cut out a number of felt shapes. Altogether, there are 3 layers, and the knobs have 4 layers. These numbers might increase in the future, though…

And, if you aren’t familiar with the image on the TV screen, it is the cast of Bonanza. Bonanza was an American Western (cowboy) show. It first aired in 1959, and beginning in 1961, you could watch it every Sunday night until 1972. I’ll admit, this show was just a little before my time… But, Corky remembers it, and I’m sure he watched it every week:) Bonanza was the first television show to film all of its episodes in colour, although many people didn’t own a colour TV until well into the 1970s.

Do you remember when you first got a colour TV, or did you always have one? I remember watching a small portable black & white TV when I was a kid, although I don’t think it was an RCA Which reminds me, what colour do you think my beaded television set should be??

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  1. >We had a big RCA TV – black and white – that was metal bot looked like wood. The inner area around the screen was a sort of gold color.We got a color TV with a real wood cabinet when I was about eight years old so that would be 1970. Until then I had never seen The Wizard of Oz in color and I was envious that some of my friends who did have color TV knew that the Wicked Witch was green.

  2. >Yep, I remember when we bought our first color TV set. It was in Alaska! CAn you believe it. That was in the 70’s and we’ve only had 3 since then. Lightning knocked one out, 2 wore out. This one is showing signs of strain! It only 5-7 years old. Still a ‘new’ TV in my book!

  3. >Our older TV’s had a plastic faux wood laminate, so you could make it a dark brown color…it was a grey or black, I think, around the screen.

  4. >One of the scriptwriters for Bonanza lives in our village. I used to LOVE watching that show so when I met her and raved about Bonanza she had a big grin on her face and told me. Oh I can’t wait to see how this evolves.Our first colour tv was in 79 when we had moved to the states and we just HAD to get it so we could watch Shogun in colour.

  5. >I have always had a color TV too…but for many years we only had the one in the florida room, for the family, I was one of the only kids that had a B/W in my bedroom too. I was around for the launch of Cable…skipped school the first day MTV came on air to watch it. I also grew up in MT. Juliet TN where they filed the winter sceens for Bonanza and got to meet several of the guys from it. I loved that show growing up.I digg the TV! I say do it in gray, black and silver with a dark green body…that’s what my B/W looked like…and it was an RCA too. 🙂

  6. >Well given that your tv has knobs my vote would go for Green :PBut really more of a black and white kind of look would be neat. Not sure how it would ture out with beads though. That’s what you’re for ;)BTW: I’ve always have had color TV (I’m a youngin)

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