>Flat Screen


I have several pieces in mind that I want to start working on, but most of them are pretty involved. Some of you already know this, but I’m leaving for Europe in about 2 weeks, and I’ll be gone for 3 weeks. So, I am hesitant to begin a piece of beadwork that will take me 2 months to complete.

With that in mind, I thought this would be the perfect time to bead something a little different. So, I sketched out this vintage 1970’s RCA television set. For someone who almost never watches TV anymore, you’re probably wondering why I chose a TV. For some reason, I’ve always had a love for vintage electronics, and just like everyone else, I have fond memories of watching cartoons as a kid=:)

This drawing measures approx. 6″ x 9″ wide, and my goals for this piece are fairly simple. Of course, a beaded TV should appear to be dimensional, but it will hopefully be interactive and functional, as well… I hope I can make my vision become a reality…

12 thoughts on “>Flat Screen

  1. >Way to pull at a girl’s heartstrings, LB! I have fond memories of turning that dial to watch my Saturday morning cartoons as a kid! :)When in London, check out Tea Palace in Notting Hill for afternoon tea if you are so inclined. Their selection is fantastic!

  2. >And where is my head? I’m still doing other stuff with my brain, while I’m doing this with my fingers! A functional beaded TV is what I meant to say!

  3. >Functional? How can a beaded truck be functional? Well, that will be the surprise! Right? Have a great time while you’re gone and come home safely.

  4. >I can’t believe how long that fire truck took. It seems like just yesterday you started it. An Interactive TV would be neat. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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