>A Wize Award


The Wizard’s Hat Award

I have been chosen to receive my very first blog award today!

This award has been kindly bestowed upon me by The Wizened Wizard. In her post, she stated that she received the Thinking Blogger Award and was supposed to bestow the award upon 5 other ‘Thinking Bloggers’. But, she got a little creative with the concept, and chose to award 5 outstanding artists with a new award, and I am thrilled that she chose me. Thank you so much! It is a great honor. I will wear my wizard’s hat proudly…. and now, I must celebrate to the music of Black Sabbath=;)


Also, just a little tidbit of news that I forgot to mention yesterday. Just four hours after I posted my beaded ’43 Chevy fire truck on my blog on Tuesday, it was featured on ErieBlogs.com. I was thrilled to see that. Thanks, Erie! I will always love you🙂

Now, back to that sketch I was working on…
Just wait until you see what it is… 🙂

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  1. >I am so proud of my favorite Beader baby and I am sorry I haven’t been by lately. That’s awesome and I hope you keep it up because you really deserve it…later…blu~

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