>Old Engine Co. 6


Well, the wait is finally over. Last night, I finished my fire truck. I’m happy, but I’m also sad because I enjoyed the challenges that this piece presented. Also, working on this piece for the last two months has brought back many memories of my hometown, Erie, PA.
When I started beading Dolly the Dalmatian, I happened to come across ErieBlogs.com in a search, so I listed my blog on their site. To my surprise, my readership has really increased since then. But, the best part about it was that a woman from Erie remembered Dolly, and sent me a message. She wrote: “Assuming it’s the same Dolly … Dolly lived at the old Engine Co. 6 at West 18th and Liberty streets in the late 1960s into the 1970s to the best of my recollection. In addition to parades, etc., she’d ride on the rig to fire calls with the crews. She was a sweetheart.”…

Awww…she does look pretty sweet riding in the back of her bead-embroidered 1943 Chevy fire truck. So, this piece is named after her residence, Engine Co. 6=:)

Here’s a closer look on how I finished the piece. I finished backing Dolly with Ultrasuede, then, I stitched on a piece of velcro. I stiffened the velcro with a piece of matte board, which I also covered with Ultrasuede.

I also did the same to the long black ‘shadow’ that sits under the truck. Then, I did something very unorthodox, even for me. I used industrial strength sticky velcro, and stuck 2 pieces on the back of two of the truck wheels=:0

Then, I stuck the other sides of the those pieces to the front of the shadow piece.

The velcro holds Dolly and the shadow in place.

And, now, the shadow is removable, and the truck can be displayed on an easel by itself.

Today, I like this piece better hanging on the wall…

…but I can always change my mind=:)

This is my first piece of interactive beadwork. What will I think of next??

21 thoughts on “>Old Engine Co. 6

  1. >Your work is great! I´ll never forget your Old Engine Co 6. The truck and Dolly are masterpieces! Congratulations, Many people will admire your creativity.

  2. >Oh LB! I love the whole thing! Well, I knew I would, but how neat that you are sharing memories with someone from the old home town! That makes this special piece all the more special! Dolly looks so good and she is inter-active!

  3. >I love Dolly in the back of the truck and the fact that this is interactive makes it even more interesting and amazing! This is truly award winning!

  4. >Congrats! on a wonderful achievment! This piece was quite the ride to watch you work on. But it turned out wonderful. I love how you can hang it on a wall or stand it on an eisle.I think we’re all wondering what you’ll come up with next.

  5. >Oh My…it’s so great, I love it on the wall…and I love that you can change your mind and play around with it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Any hints or ideas yet?

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