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While I put the finishing touches on my bead-embroidered fire truck, I thought this would be a good time to show you the pieces of beadwork that I’ve recently acquired from fellow beaders.

The first piece is a bead-crocheted bracelet that was created by Mary. It was one of her giveaway items, and to my surprise, I was the winner! This beautiful blue bracelet just arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Mary also included a note in which she said stated that this was an imperfect item because a couple of the beads turned… Well, it looks perfect to me! I’ve never even tried bead-crochet yet, so I am in awe! I can’t wait to show this off. Thank you so much, Mary:)

The second piece is a 2-drop peyote stitched vessel that measures just 4cm tall. It is made with size 13 seed beads. This was created by Beadbabe, and when I saw it, I just had to add it to my collection. I love its retro design, and I’m hoping that it will inspire me to try creating my own little beaded vessel sometime. Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her wonderful creations. Thanks again, Beadbabe=:)

The third piece is a bracelet that was created by Bev. It is called ‘Bumps in the Road’, and everytime I wear it, someone notices it. I love its metallic copper tones, as well as its unique design. Be sure to stop by Bev’s website, No Easy Beads. She creates some stunning jewelry; my favourites are the bracelets. Thanks again, Bev. You are very kind=:)

And, some of you may have seen this one already, but this was the bead-embroidered pin that I received in Sassy Art Goddess‘s 2nd Annual Beaded Face Brooch Swap. The name of this piece is Maddy, and it measures approx. 2″ wide x 2.5″ tall. This little treasure was created by Patti, and I love it. It looks perfect on my denim jacket:)

It looks like I’m starting a nice little collection of beadwork for myself. Do you own any beadwork/art created by friends that you’d like to show off??

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  1. >Those are great gifts of art. I don’t have any friends that bead, but a lot of my friends are art-gifted in one way or another. Which is one reason I love your blog b/c I’m inspired by your work and the stories behind them. I may try to blog about some of my work this week…check me out when you get a chance.

  2. >I am sorry to say that I don’t own any bead work. 😦 *CRYS* I don’t have many friends (Unless my mother counts) Anyhoo, I LOVE THAT WORK! That face one is really BEAUTIFUL! I want one like it!!!! Thank you for sharing these!

  3. >Lovely pieces. I posted a picture to my blog of some of the beaded treasures I have that were made by others. You can see them by clicking here. I delight in looking at these wonderful little works of art.

  4. >What wonderful treasures! Lucky girl. When you do try beaded crochet, I suspect you’ll enjoy it. It can be as mind consuming as your bead embroidery. I know I enjoy it immensely.

  5. >I don’t have any works (yet) but I have my eye on a few that I love. These look wonderful, and I admire the skill and artistry that goes into making such wonderful work! I really loved the pin and the vessel…those really are special. I don’t wear jwelery, but I really like the ones you shared too.

  6. >I don’t have any friends. *lol* At least no friends that do beadwork!!! 😉 However, my sister-in-law and my mother have started beading now. I must have infected them.I immediately knew that the vessel was made by Beadbabe without reading her name!!! She has found her own style.The crocheted bracelet looks very interesting because of the twist. I admire everyone who can crochet with beads. It’s hard for me to crochet with yarn so crocheting with beads is inconceivable for me. Lucky you to receive such wonderful pieces!

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