>Two Transparent


Yesterday was a good day. I worked an 8-hour day in the theatre, and for a stagehand, that feels like a half day. By the time I got home, it was still only 8pm, so I worked on backing my beaded Chevy fire truck some more. I continued stitching on the red Ultrasuede. This is quite time consuming because I am very careful to make sure that none of the felt shows through. It’s also tough to stitch around curves. I work slowly, and as I work, I carefully trim away excess material so that the backing fits perfectly.

I also cut out two holes in the Ultrasuede and stitched a piece of clear vinyl on the inside of the backing. This enables the viewer to see through the truck’s windows. I also stitched on this picture hanger, so I can hang the piece on the wall when it’s finished.

This is a slow process, but I’ll get there eventually… =:0

Oh, and by the way, my trusty bent beading needle that I’ve been using for almost a year, finally broke yesterday when I was trying to stitch through 2 pieces of Ultrasuede….=:(

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  1. >Oh No! Not the needle! Isn’t it amazing how attached we get to implements like that. It’s like a cousin dying or something. Still, maybe the new one is even better. It looking terrific

  2. >Here I was thinking that your truck was finished!!!I can’t believe how labor intensive beading is. I’m learning so much from visiting your blog.

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