>A Pocket for Dolly


Last night was the first free evening I’ve had all week to work on my beaded fire truck. So, I began stitching on some red Ultrasuede to match the red seed beads. I also stitched on an extra piece to create a pocket that will hold Dolly the Dalmatian.

Here’s what she will look like when the viewer puts her in the back of the truck.

Next, I need to figure out what to do for the windows. I want to be able to see through them when the piece is finished…. wish me luck…=:0

11 thoughts on “>A Pocket for Dolly

  1. >Each time I look at this truck the more I appreciate how well executed it is. Really, it is just brilliant, and I love the dog in the pocket peeking over.oh, I said to hubby, guess what a blogger came up with a great idea for reverse painting. Before I finished he said “mirror”. I said, “yea! thats what lone beader said” dang! I need to exercise more lol!

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