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Happy spring!! And, thanks for all of your comments on my last 2 posts. I really appreciate that:) Work is busy this week and I haven’t had time to finish my beaded fire truck or read any of your blog posts. I’m sorry…This is really driving me crazy, but what can you do… There’s always tomorrow… or the next day… LOL.

Anyways, I was thinking that when I do finish my truck (which should be soon), it will be just in time to enter into Bead Dreams 2007. Each year, Bead & Button magazine sponsors Bead Dreams, which is a a juried competition of exceptional bead artistry from around the world. Ribbons are awarded in 5 categories, and they will also display the accepted pieces at this year’s Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, WI. The outstanding piece among category winners receives a Best in Show trophy and a $1,000 gift certificate from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads🙂 The deadline for entries is in early April, and artists can only enter 2 pieces in each category. So, I ask you, which 2 pieces do you think I should enter in the Nonwearables category- Waiting for Dad, Reading to Tawny, or my 1943 Chevy fire truck?? Thank you for helping me decide=:)

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  1. >I would use Reading to Tawny and the firetruck—just because the other 2 are both cars and I like the Reading to Tawny one alot. Guess I am in agreement with most of the comments here. Hey! check out my new blog post when you get some time 😉 I decided to post some pages from my journals.

  2. >Reading to Tawny and The Firetruck are my votes. Although I also love Waiting for Dad. My vote stays with Reading and Firetruck maily because they’re two different subject matters to showcase your talents.

  3. >Waiting for Dad and the Firetruck! I’m thinking I might be going up to the show, it’d be sooooo cool to see these pieces in person!

  4. >My vote is Waiting for Dad and the Firetruck as well! But I think you just about enter anything and dominate!I keep looking at the rules for the finished jewelry section, but I’m rather concerned about the description of what’s acceptable. I’m not sure if any of mine are acceptable or not.

  5. >jafabrit — you are probably right — but my heart strings say “Waiting for Dad” and of course, the “Firetruck”. If the judges use a bit of emotion in judging — and have ever had a dog patiently wait for a ride — well…………

  6. >I say reading to tawny and the firetruck. I think they offer a good range of your skills in two different subjects. They showcase separate challenges you had in doing them. I love waiting for dad, but I think the complexity of the other two is more so.

  7. >Waiting for Dad and the Firetruck. Gosh, LB, I truly hope they get accepted — they are all certainly worthy — and I might even get to see them in person as I plan to attend the show in Milwaukee in June. That would be sooooo much fun to be able to see your pieces. You know how I love them 😉 And also to see the beaded quilts for the benefit of Breast Cancer Research.

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