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One particular subject has been on my mind the last couple of days – time management. Even though my ‘real’ job has been slow the past couple of weeks, and I’ve had some free time lately, I still feel like I don’t accomplish as much as I should everyday. While I do try to do some beadwork everyday, I usually let everything else slide at the same time…

The other day, I was talking with an artist friend of mine about this subject, and he began to tell me how many chores he had to accomplish that day. I couldn’t help but to ask “What do you really have to do today??” He said he had planned to do everything on his list. He also said that someday, he hoped to accomplish everything on his list so that he would eventually have time to paint or do something creative everyday. My response was “I just make myself do something creative everyday…”

But, when work starts to get busy, I can’t always do that, and this week could be one of those weeks… I don’t like to put my creativity on hold for very long, either… I was wondering, how do you manage your creative time when your real life starts to get busy? Do you make time to create art or beadwork everyday, no matter how many chores you have to do? And, if so, how much time do you allow per day?

Even if I’m unable to do any beadwork for a couple of days, I should at least be able to keep working on the backing for my 1943 Chevy fire truck. Today, I finished stitching the black Ultrasuede on the bottom half. As you can see, the white felt is no longer showing… Next, I’ll start on the red…

Also, before I forget, check out Beadin’ Gram’s post regarding the Bead-It-Forward Breast Cancer Quilts. You’ll be glad you did=:)

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  1. >I get up at 4:30 everyday and do the blog thing, do my work out, and look around the studio to set myself up for the day. Then I get the kids up and off to school, and come home and work for 4 hours. Then I do whatever house work is needed, and other domestic chores, then I spend another hour or two with art, just art…those two haours are my favorite. The kids come home, I do dinner, homework and clean-up stuff…spend time with the kids and settle in with Mate Man for a hour and a half of us time…then I go to bed…wash rinse repeat. I sometimes don’t have time for it all…and I just try not to sweat the small stuff. I work from home too…and it’s really important to have a schedule…my day job allows me to work on art and telecommute at the same time…I talk on the phone for a living (Life Coach) and I find that it helps to have an art project in the works while I talk to people about being the best they can be…it works well for me…somedays. Of course there are clients that I can’t do that with, I need all my brain power to help them, but most of the time, I can do both…not start a project but work on one that is progress because of the pre-planning I do in the morning. Someday I would love to just do art and that’s all. I do love my work with clients though, they inspire me to keep working on myself too…a work in progress this life of mine. 🙂

  2. >This is such a huge topic for me. I have two kids and a job and a house that always looks like a tornado has hit and people who need to be called but are not getting called. I work on my art too late and sleep too little. So, I do my art and just get basics done! Dishes when they pile too high, ditto for laundry. I do make doctors appointments when needed and make a priority to exercise as I have to keep up my energy. I feel my creative self drives me and if I don’t have that I’m not satisfied or happy so the stuff dosn’t get done anyway! Did I mention, I don’t really watch t.v., movies etc. I do go to art events or social events as I love the interaction and exchange of ideas. I love to blog for this reason as well but try to keep that to a minimum as well. Good luck with it all.

  3. >Take the time to do the things you love to do — the other things will go easier if you are happy — somedays when ‘things’ are piled up and I am trying to get it all done, Hubby will say, ‘Why don’t you go bead for a while?’ — he knows the calming effect and also that after that I will get twice as much done in half the time. Also, being a night owl, I often stay up until 2 – 3 AM — love the quiet of the house at those hours and all goes well. 😉

  4. >There are weeks when I seem to have piled everything into that one week. Last week was that for me and I felt pretty savage about getting some beading done. I even wrote a blog about it (beading) calming my savage beast. And it does. I think I’ve pretty much made it a priority to do something creative each day–even if only for 20 minutes–because it makes me a much happier person to do so. In fact, last week, where I didn’t bead for 3 days was a rarity. I hardly ever let that happen, anymore. It is just part of what I do. Hope that is helpful?!

  5. >I try to make time to play my guitar, read blogs and just chill every day. But it’s difficult sometimes. If I’m super busy with making a website or something, sometimes I’ll just chug right alone doing work. Usually if I don’t do it that way I can’t concentrate on my hobbies because in the back of my mind I keep thinking, “Bad girl! You should be working!” damn voices in my head. they’re annoying as hell. 😉

  6. >I’ve gotten in the habit of writing in a journal every morning while I have my first cup of coffee. It’s a good way to wake up. On Sunday or Monday morning, I plan out my week-things I have to do, ie., appoinments and other committments and then everything that I would like to accomplish art wise for each day of the week. It really helps me have a plan. I work from home, so time management is a huge hurtle for me. Getting my daughter up, fed to school and making sure that I’m there by 3pm to pick her up is #1 on my list. Then the 6 hours between is divided into work/computer/research/misc. 6 hours is really not a lot of time when you think about it. The hours between 3-6 are taken up by household/swim practice (daughter again)/making dinner duties. After 6, if I have the energy, I’ll do creative work that I can do in front of the TV. Such as carving my work. I sit on the sofa with a big plastic bag while I carve the clay away from my pieces. I don’t feel so bad when I’m watching tv and am keeping my hands occupied at the same time.I give a lot of credit to people who work full time outside of the home and manage to make time for creative pursuits.

  7. >I have not had as much time to bead as I would love to have recently. There are days when I don’t get anything done. There are days when I bead only for 1 or 2 hours. There are days when I have more time, but unfortunately those days are rare at the moment. And I am a person who can only relax and do the fun things, when the duties are done. Not that I am totally dutiful. But I am to some extent …

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