>Dolly Loves Trucks


Here she is! The finished bead-embroidered Dolly the Dalmatian. I had fun making her, too. I did layer some seed beads to add dimension, but this time, I did it rather sporadically. I wanted the viewer to be able to see all of her spots. Also, her ear moves when you touch it. It was made with sort of an improvised peyote technique.

Above, you can see how Dolly looks lying next to my beaded 1943 Chevy fire truck. Then, I thought she might want to go for a ride in the back of the truck. I’m trying to decide where the dog looks more natural…
What do you think??

As I mentioned before, I am toying with the idea of making this truck my first ‘interactive’ piece. By interactive, I mean that I would like Dolly to be detachable so that the viewer has the option to move her to where they think she should lie. The reason we all love beads is because we love to touch them. So, I think it’s only right for the viewer to have a reason to touch the piece and have fun with it. But, how do I accomplish my goal?? I will have to do a bit more brainstorming… But, the good news is that I actually have a vision, and that, my friends, is half the battle…

11 thoughts on “>Dolly Loves Trucks

  1. >I think that is a wonderful idea! Dolly is sooo cute. Some may want to show all of her. Others may be more interested in seeing her riding in the truck. Either way, it’d be OHHH SOOO CUTE! GREAT WORK!

  2. >The dalmatian is adorable. I used to have a dalmatian when I was a kid(actually he lived until I was 21y/o. I had him since I was 8). Good work, Grygo.

  3. >I think what will determine the ability of the viewer to move Dolly around is how you intend on doing the background. I initially was envisioning the use of velcro somehow, but that really means a huge change in how you do the background. I love the idea though, and I like Dolly beside the truck so you can see her completely.

  4. >She’s adorable. I too, prefer beside the truck as opposed to in it since you can see her better. She looks so small in relation to the big truck – yet, when she’s in it with her head peaking out, she’s just right. Weird how ones eyes play tricks on us, huh?

  5. >I appreciate the concern, but I am not a fan of anything ‘sticky’. LOL. If I can accomplish my goal everything will be done with needle and thread… wish me luck… 🙂

  6. >I like Dolly outside the truck where you can see her. I do like the idea of her being moveable, but don’t know how long that would be practical…I mean what about dirty hands, and stains and what if the sticky stuff wears off and dolly starts falling off all the time? I am sure you can figure it out, but I love her, and like seeing her on the outside of the truck. I am a worry wart anyway…so it’s just a for what it worth. She Rocks.

  7. >Being able to move Dolly in different positions around the fire truck is a really great idea. Have you thought the double side tape made by 3M for keeping Dolly in place? Excellent piece. You are the master of your bead art.

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