>Daylight Beading Time


On Saturday night, we had to change the clocks forward one hour in an attempt to ‘save’ the daylight. We change them back one hour in the fall, then change them forward in the spring. Is the USA the only country that does this?? I do know that there are a few states here that choose not to do this, and I wish I lived in one of them… It would be nice to just let Father Time tick on as he always does and not worry when it gets dark… Anyways, as a result of this change, I had one less hour to do beadwork, and that made me unhappy. Yesterday, I worked mostly on my freeform peyote piece, but I really wanted to get a lot more accomplished on my Dalmatian as well…

Here’s what I did do… First, I cleaned up my mess of red seed beads. Then, I poured out some of those size 22 antique seed beads. (They’re the tiny white specks in the center.) Next, I got out one of each of the size 16 beading needles I got, and look at the difference! The long one is the Japanese one, and thin one is the English one. So, I tried to use the English needle with the size 22 seed beads. It works, but it takes much too long to find a bead that will fit on the needle, so I changed my plan altogether.

Naturally, I went back to my usual Japanese size 15 seed beads, and stitched on the outline of the Dalmatian. I think it’s a better choice anyways. If I have a tiny space that needs to be filled in, then I’ll use the size 22’s. How does the dog look so far?

Also, I’d like to mention that my beaded artist trading card, Zoboo the Lemur, won Patron’s Choice in EBSQ’s Lemur Show. Thanks to all who took the time to vote=:)

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  1. >we don’t do that here in Hk but I did recall China did that long long time ago.considering such a small size of bead, you must have a very good eyesight to work on all these beautiful work. 🙂

  2. >I have been beading off and on for about 4+ years and I have never seen anything like the little dog on your home page. Your work is great! I look forward to seeing the dalmation when it is completed.

  3. >Love the Dalmation already. And your fire safety theme is done so well. I only wish the four young people who lost their lives in Chicago had had a chance. Stories such as this are so horrible — a poor, demented, cold woman started fires to keep herself warm — how she got into this building is unknown, it is in a nice upscale area of Chicago — but no matter where it happened, the tragedy is the loss of these four young lives. As with your young friend, LB, it shouldn’t have happened.

  4. >Canada does it too and this year it is three weeks early because of you darn Americans!! sigh. It was soooooooo dark this morning!I have a done of small glass specimen jars that would be perfect for your beads. Let me know if you’d like me to send them to you.

  5. >The dog looks great – but even with the 15’s I think you are just a little crazy – How can you thread a needle which would fit a size 22?Don’t forget to remind your readers that they should change their batteries in the smoke detectors…

  6. >Congrat’s on Zoboo! You deserved it he was great. I love the dog…I think I’d go crossed eyed crazy doing the work that you do…you must have a lot of patience. I have losing an haour a day too…it chaps my hide. Looking forward to seeing more of the dog! What’s his name?

  7. >Of course, we have daylight saving time in Germany. We call it “Sommerzeit” (summer time) in spring and “Winterzeit” (winter time) in autumn. We change the clocks forward one hour on the last sunday of March in spring. I prefer winter time … Congratulations regarding Zoboo. He was too cute!

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