>Dog Spotting


For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is the sketch of the Dalmatian that will be included with my bead-embroidered fire truck. The sketch is drawn on tracing paper. After I cut out the drawing of the dog, I quickly stitched it to a piece of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff. I prefer to do this because it’s much easier than drawing the design onto the material. Also, as you embroider, the paper gets softer & softer with each stitch.

Pictured below are the beading supplies that I plan to use. There are Japanese size 15 black seed beads, size 22 antique white seed beads, and two different kinds of size 16 beading needles. The first package was made in England, and the other was made in Japan. Have any of you used beading needles this size, and if so, which type of needle do you prefer? I’m so used to using my trusty size 15 beading needle that I’m a little nervous to try using a different one. Also, the needle I’ve been using has a nice curve to it now. I think I’ve been using the same needle for at least 10 months – probably longer=:0

Also, when it comes to beading something very small, it helps to use a thimble. I started using this Coin Thimble last week just to push my needle through several layers of felt on my fire truck. Do any of you use a thimble while beading?? If so, what kind?

And, lastly, does the dog look to be the right size in comparison to the truck?

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  1. >I have just dreamed that my size 10 beading needle broke. ;)When I had these horrible German needles that always broke, I bought a thimble. But it did not help so much. Now that I have the right needles (10 , 12, 13) I do not need it anymore. And yes, the dog has the right size!!!

  2. >I sure do use a thimble. Im fact I use three. I use a plastic open around the finger thimble and then I use two of the, paste onto your skin, plastic protectors. I’ll try to take a photo and send it to you in email if you’d like. I think the dog is perfect. Just right. He looks great!

  3. >I use a leather thimble, but I like yours with the little disc in it. Mine is just all leather. where did you get yours?dog looks in scale to me.

  4. >I’ve never used a thimble since I started beading with the peyote stitch, which is an off loom stitch, as you know.Maybe if I’d started beading with bead embroidery or come from a sewing background it would be otherwise.I’ve use the john james needles for almost 20 years and only had one bad batch…that’s a pretty good record, I think!

  5. >I use a thimble no matter what type of sewing I do. I hate pricking my finger. When I used to quilt, I used on to help push through the layers of material.

  6. >Oh, I love the dog! I think he’s just the right size…my boys are so excited that there is going to be more done on the truck…and we are all excited to see the dog beaded and in place.

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