>Shaping Up


Last night, I ate shabu shabu and drank too many beers with my friend Jimmy. Therefore, all I have to show you today is more progress on my freeform peyote piece. This beadwork is really taking shape, although I’m not exactly sure what shape it is…

How many different kinds of seed beads do you think I’m using??

11 thoughts on “>Shaping Up

  1. >Okay I see ‘E’ beads or maybe they are 5’s and cubes of several sizes, bugles, 6’s, 8’s 11’s 15’s and maybe 13’s, chiclets or niblets depening on where in the country your from, triangles, and that is all I can tell for sure. I think you are using about 3 different sizes of bugles. How’d we do?

  2. >Everytime you mention peyote, all I can think of is the first time I ate some….Damn, that was the most intense two and a half days of me life….later Beader baby….

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