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A couple of weeks ago, I submitted images of my beaded artwork to the Emerging Artists Group‘s March Online Juried Exhibition. The Emerging Artists Group‘s goal is “to promote new and emerging artists, as well as those who may have already established themselves within the artistic community.” They have online exhibitions regularly, so, just for fun, I submitted Rudy’s Dream, The Divas, Waiting for Dad, and Reading to Tawny. You can view them HERE.

This exhibition is being juried by the public, which means YOU can vote for your favourite piece! You can also comment on each piece, as well. The jury process will take place now through March 17, 2007. Please take the time to view all of the pieces and submit your choice for ‘Best in Show‘=:)

11 thoughts on “>Emerging Artists Group

  1. >Awesome!!!! Rudy’s Dream and Waiting for Dad are definitely my favorite….keep it up girl…..I never thought I would appreciate the likes of beading but you have surely opened my beady lil’ eys….Thank you Beader Baby….

  2. >Thank you for your votes! And, Corky, you are so sweet=:)Deirdre, I’m pretty sure you can vote for more than one piece. It appears that you just rate it as Excellent, Very Good, Good, etc… then click on VOTE so that it is recorded. Have fun=:)

  3. >Wow, these works are incredible! I really loved Divas and Reading and the red car too! I’m off to vote now…but just had to say…wow!

  4. >I loved them all…although I didn’t get to read all the stories behind the DIVAS, I absolutely love this one!! Makes me wish I had some bead work of my Spanky!

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