When I got home from work today, I began to add a few details to the exterior of my bead-embroidered ’43 Chevy fire truck. Can you see what I added? (Click image to enlarge.) All of the silver parts are sterling. However, I’m not sure I like the railing part that goes around the truck bed. I might cut that off and re-do it… I also added a few rows of seed beads to the hood of the truck to give it a little more dimension. I plan to do this around the passenger window, as well.

Next, I need to design a side-view mirror (like the ones I made for my beaded Datsun) , as well as the 2 little roof lights. This will require some thought. I also need to design something that somehow resembles the fire fighter’s emblem. That will go on the grill of the truck. And, I’m contemplating adding the name of the fire department on the passenger door as well, but I have no idea how I would do that. Do you think the truck would look better with a name on the side? And, if so, how would I create it? Any ideas??

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  1. >yeah, I got the same thoughts on the rail. I don’t think you need to put shield on the door. It might make it look to busy. My view is no name, that way it can be everyones fire truck. But that’s just my 2 cents. But that truck F’ing rocks!

  2. >I like the rail on the back, except is seems a bit on the thin or not sturdy enough side. I could be totally nuts too! I like all of your additions, and the emblem. Hmmmmmm. How about making it out of felt and beading only the crossed axes that are probably part of the shield? I don’t know, but off the top of my head it is all I can come up with. Nice beading and looking good. I love how the tires look now!

  3. >I’ll agree with phoenix. The railing looks good, but one more heavier gauge can look better. But you are the artist, and everything what you do is done by you well

  4. >I’ll agree with a heavier wire – perhaps from a coat hanger, etc. That weight would be good. I don’t know about putting a detailed shield on the door – it might get muddled as you work in 22’s. It’s looking wonderful – especially the zippers for tire treads. Gotta love that!

  5. >Whoa. And to think it’s not done yet, that it still lacks more detail.I like the railing, but I think you need a heavier gauge…the one you have there (24gg?) looks a little wimpy, for lack of a better word.

  6. >I really liek the rail, door handle, and the hood. It looks great…I have no idea how to put the name on it, but I like it plain…I like being able to see the details and the truck itself…but I am on a not so busy kick with my own work and am probably biased…I am sure whatever you do it will look fantastic.

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