Today, I started working on the tires for my beaded 1943 Chevy fire truck. For the two large tires, I cut out pieces of black vinyl and stitched them onto the felt. Then, I used some heavy duty cutters to snip my zipper into pieces. After I cut the zipper, I trimmed the excess fabric off of it. Then, I stitched the pieces into place. I’m hoping the zipper looks very much like tire treads. Take a look at the photos below, and let me know what you think…

Also, take a look at the back of the piece.
How much thread do you think I used??

This fire truck is very close to being done, but as you know, this is the part where my work slows down. The details require attention, and even the smallest little part can take more time that you might think. I still need to bead the hubcaps, add a side view mirror, and a door handle, among other things…Sometimes, I think you are more patient than I am for having to wait to see the completed piece… =:0

14 thoughts on “>Treads

  1. >Beautiful!!! You got a very nice skill. The beads are pretty nice. It’s amazing, almost detailed. I’ll be waiting for the updated art work especially with the detailed hubcaps, side view mirror, Chevy Door Handle and the rest. I’m sure it’ll be great.

  2. >Thanks for all of your comments! I’m glad you think that the zippers work for the tire treads. I have no idea how much thread I used on this – I kinda lost track. LOL. And, Phoenix, I actually DO make a conscious decision as to which colour bead I pick up next…=:0

  3. >The truck looks awesome! I don’t think I would have thought to use zippers to mimic the look of treads but it totally works.In the body of the truck, you used different shades of red, so I wondered if you make a conscious decision about which bead you’re going to stitch next, or is it rather random?

  4. >I’d say about a third of a bobbin if you are using Nymo thread for the beading. I didn’t like the tires until you put the sidewalls on. Then I thought they looked really good. It fits really nicely. Patient? We have a choice? 😉

  5. >wow, the zippers on the tires (or tyres as they spell them in england LOL) turned out fantastic. A thousand stitches? no maybe two thousand.

  6. >Well you seem to be up late tonight ;)Your truck is looking great. You got some real skill. I like what you are doing with the tires.

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