>Flash Lite



Even though I had to work yesterday, I still had a few hours of free time in between shifts. So, I worked on my beaded ’43 Chevy fire truck a tiny bit. I beaded the flashing light on the roof of the truck. There are 2 layers of beads, and the second layer includes size 15 foil-lined orange seed beads. I hope it looks like a real light. Please take a closer look by clicking the photos. Also, I hope you enjoy this 1977 groove by George Clinton‘s band, Parliament (also referred to as P-Funk). I don’t know about you, but everytime I hear this song, I have to dance…
Enjoy, and have a happy Saturday=:)

4 thoughts on “>Flash Lite

  1. >Damn, I just appreciate the patience it takes to do this more than anything else. I could but would rather appreciate your work…awesome BB, simply awesome!!!!!

  2. >I think the light looks super. I had meetings all day and then I stopped by the Denver Dumb Friends League, which is a place I used to volunteer at and is our local animal shelter–the main one. There are so many neat cats there! I loved it. Need to get a cat. I miss my pets so much! I think the light looks great.

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