>Wire Hose


Some days I do a lot of beadwork, and some days I do none.
Today, I did none=:(

Well, I shouldn’t say ‘none’. I did add another row of silver beads to the step that’s just below the door of my 1943 Chevy fire truck. Then, I snipped quite a few pieces of this off-white wire that I had and sewed them onto the piece. They are supposed to represent the fire hose. I know you can see the stitches, but I think it looks okay. What is your opinion?

Also, yesterday, I went to the fabric store and picked up a few supplies. I purchased some more red Ultrasuede, some glue, and this 16″ long zipper. Any ideas on how I plan to use the zipper??

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  1. >Awww…thanks for all of your comments. Those of you who have guessed it, yes, I plan to use the zipper for the tires. I hope it works out OK. Mary, thanks for your suggestion on that. I’ll probably add to it…And, Blu, I would love nothing more than a lazy day, but work and errands have totally been gettin in the way lately….Maybe this weekend, I’ll chill…. =:)

  2. >Hey there is nothing wrong with a lazy day. You aren’t the only one feelin’ it thats 4 sure…The fire truck is still looking good though so don’t get yourself in a whirl over it just lay your beader baby ass down and enjoy some peace and nothingness for a while…Later BB…

  3. >I think the fire hose is fine. The only thing I can think of to make it look better perhaps, would be a bit of male and female end of the hose for the coupling of hose ends. Minor and you don’t really need it, but you did ask. I think the zipper is for the back of the truck or as a compartment for the dalmation. Am I right? Totally wrong?

  4. >That Firehose is really great, it looks so real!I like to cut my canvases and use zippers in the middle of them, I have done that a few times it’s fun. I imagine the zipper as tires too?

  5. >Are you going to use the zipper on wheels? I invision the teeth of the zipper being used as tread on the tires. I am having some of those days where no beading gets done. Preparing to teach two class and putting together kits takes a good deal of time away beading.

  6. >The firehose looks very authentic–as I said before, I love watching your beaded pieces grow…thanks for sharing your creative process!

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