>Flutter Bye


Here’s my beaded butterfly square that I made for the ‘Bead-It-Forward’ Breast Cancer Donation Project. I worked on this Black Swallowtail butterfly all evening. I used all size 15 seed beads for this insect. I layered the beads on its body, and I added antennas, as well. In the photo below, you’ll also see the caterpillar square that I made. How do they look? And, do you think I should add this image to my portfolio??

After I finished that, I packaged them up to mail to Jeanette. She is going to sew all of the squares she receives into a beaded quilt which will be auctioned off at this year’s Bead & Button show. You can view some of the finished squares HERE. I hope she puts my squares side by side…

Also, I’d like to remind everyone that voting is now open for The Lemur Show on EBSQ’s website. I entered my bead-embroidered Zoboo. Please take a look at all of the entries HERE, and remember to vote for your favourite lemur=:)

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  1. >I, too think the contrasting color shows your pieces off even more and the outside beading really frames it! More importantly, tho, is that you did this marvelous work for the “Bead-It-Forward Breast Cancer Donation Project”. I think that to donate ones time, talent or money is a most unselfish endeavor and very worthwhile. Yes,please put in your portfolio. Can’t wait to see the entire quilt.

  2. >Lovely Lovely butterfly! mariposa–such a great symbol of transformation, and the 2 go so nicely together! yes, they should go inot the portfolio!

  3. >Hi again.No. I am not an art teacher, but have taught a lot of art as it is one of my passions. I am a infants/primary school teacher, who generally teaches every subject. For the past few years I have only been working part time as I have kids. My youngest will start school next year and I will possibly go back to work full time the year after that. So… I have been a RFF teacher (realease from face to face). In NSW Dept schools, each teacher gets two hours off per week to mark, programme etc. That is when I come in and take the class. This year I was given the job of teaching computers and a bit of art.I discovered your other blog this morning and it was good to see what you look like. I have just bought a new pair of glasses as well. The range of colours and styles are amazing. I settled on a pinky purlpe pair. I like the blue & green ones you chose.The blue tree – I think it was painted for effect after it died. The sign nearby says that it is the resting place for a lot of birds in the area.Anyway, I have a daughter squealing in the background about her hair style. Got to go.

  4. >The catepillar and butterfly are wonderful together. Very nicely done and I’m so glad you decided to do both for the bead quilt. They look good.

  5. >What a gorgeous Swallowtail!!! I, too, hope your two blocks are next to each other in the quilt. They really say it all;-) Like the bugle beads for the edging — look like wonderful little frames.

  6. >Thanks for the comments! I guess I’ll put these squares in my portfolio. And, Corky, Superman’s symbol would look AWESOME beaded. Of course, I can envision just about anything in beads=:)

  7. >These look really pretty, I bet the finished quilt is going to be amazing! I would put them in my portfolio if they were mine. Great work.

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