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“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
~Mohandas Gandhi

I came across this quote today, and it really made me think. In life, we are always in a hurry. We are always running late for work, running to the train station, or running a red light. And, do we ever get where we need to go on time? Usually not. So, all that running is doing no good at all. In fact, it’s probably just making us tired!

Now, adapt that quote to the subject of beadwork. It would sound like this:
‘There is more to beading than increasing its speed.’

To me, that is true. Bead embroidery is meditative for me. I cannot rush to do it. I take my time stitching beads on at whatever pace I feel like working. Sure, there are goals I have, but if I don’t always meet them, that’s okay because I do this to satisfy my creative soul, not to meet someone else’s deadline. And, if I rush while beading, there ends up being spaces between the beads, and that makes me unhappy. The best approach is to understand that bead embroidery takes time, just like most things in life that are worth accomplishing. The more time spent, the better quality your end result will be.

Speaking of time, I have no idea how many hours I put into my 1943 Chevy fire truck so far. But, I checked the archives, and I began this piece on January 23. That was just over one month ago. Most of my pieces have been taking me exactly 2 months. I guess I’m working at a pretty decent pace…especially since this is my largest piece yet. This piece measures approximately 6.5″ x 12.5″ wide (16 x 32cm).

Today, I worked on the rear fender, as well as the fire extinguisher that’s on the tail end of the truck. Click the images for a closer look.

And, here’s what my pile of red seed beads looks like now. They’re all mixed up! This used to bother me, but for some reason, I have grown to accept this. Now, I think I’m starting to look at the beads as if they were paint…. If the pile still looks like this when I complete the fire truck, I might not even separate the different colours…=:0

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  2. >You have got to clean up that mess of beads!How can you work like that, geez.Now don’t go and think that I’m going to start up bead embroidery, Nope, nu uh, not going to happen. But all, and I mean all! Jokes aside. You are one kewl beader! Hell, I’ll go as far to say the coolest bestest beadermagiggier I know!

  3. >Wow you are a very talented beader. I have knitted with beads and I thought that was crazy – your work is amazing.I am glad that I stumbled upon you. Regards Kylie

  4. >Thanks for your kind words:)There are still a LOT of details that need to be added, but it’s coming along…And, Sam, I’m so happy to hear that I’ve inspired you to try bead embroidery. I can’t wait to see what you make! Please check my bead embroidery class for basic instructions=:)

  5. >Wow! I love that quote, LB. That says it all. Exactly what Madison Ave. would have us ignore. I agree that beading needs to be done at the pace it needs to be done. Sometimes you may push to finish something as an artist, but for me at least it always come to bite me in the nether regions when I do. I’m having so much fun working on what I’m working on right this minute that the things waiting hardly even register. I figure I needed the break from them. Boy, do we agree on this pov!

  6. >It’s really a pity that we are always in a hurry. Sometimes we can’t enjoy things due to this. And yes: Beadwork is meditative. As well as walking in nature when you enjoy it and just walk … Your truck looks so “3-D-ish”. 😉 Great!!!

  7. >Because of you I have actually purchased some felt to go woth my beads. I’ve never tried this – I bead ornaments and simple jewelry – but I am so intrigued that I’ve decided to add his to my portfolio. Now, just to decide what to start with…

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