>Square Two


I guess everyone has inspired me to make a second beaded square for the Bead-It-Forward Breast Cancer Donation Project, but this will be the last one. These little squares are addicting, but I really need to work on my Chevy fire truck, among other projects… For now, I’ll show you my drawing of a Black Swallowtail butterfly. It’s very small – only 1.5″ wide. I hope I can get some detail in there somehow…
And, here are some of the beads I’ll use. They are gold, metallic blue, and black. The blue ones are size 13 charlottes, and the other beads are Japanese size 15’s.

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll start working on this, but it will probably be sometime this week. Sometimes, I like to get projects ready ahead of time. Then, I put all the supplies in an area where I see them everyday, although I might not begin the piece for days or even weeks. Does anyone else do this?? And, if you’ve been making these little squares, how many have you made so far??

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  1. >I’ll do that sometimes – have all my beads ready ahead of time…and depending on how excited I am about the project, I may be able to wait about a week at most. Other times, I’ll have to start right away…even if that means staying up until the early hours of the morning…like I did last night.

  2. >What a great one — this is going to be spectacular, LB — I mailed 2 to Jeanette today. Come, on BB and Bad Liz — don’t talke about more — well, practice makes perfect – sooooo, if I keep trying LOL.

  3. >Absolute sense to me. I have drawings from a year ago, that I’ll make some day, and just this last Thursday or Friday I’d put them all to graph form and started with the doing colors thing on the paper, too. I have a crocheted necklace still waiting in the living room along with mountain lion…I could go on. But, I’ll get to them when this newest bug to hit is worked out. They are there and ready to go so unless I die, they’ll get done.

  4. >Looks real cool, looking forward to seeing it done. I totally do the supply thing…and when I finish a painting I am OCD about putting a new blank canvas on the easel right away, even if it sits there for weeks before I do anything….all that blank whitness, gives me the creative shivers and makes my wheels turn.:)

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