Well, I stayed up late again, and finished this little bead-embroidered square. The square measures 1.5″ wide. I am donating this square to this year’s ‘Bead-it-Forward’ Breast Cancer Donation Project. Many of these tiny squares will be sewn together to make a beaded quilt which will be auctioned off at this year’s Bead & Button Show. The theme of this project is “Metamorphosed Like the Butterfly”, so all squares must reflect butterflies. You can view more squares HERE.

In case you’re not sure what this is, it’s a caterpillar! I used size 15 Japanese seed beads for the caterpillar, and size 11 seed beads for the blue background. There is some texture to the piece, as the gold beads stick out a bit. Also, the antennas are tiny beaded fringes. I’m not sure this little guy turned out how I imagined, but I think he looks okay

What do you think?
And, perhaps I should try to make a matching butterfly square?

15 thoughts on “>Antennae

  1. >I saw the caterpillar right away.It’s funny, I was just on my forum talking about how I want to learn bead embroidery, and BAM! someone posted a link to a tutorial you did!I was floored, since I never knew that you made a tut!I humbly thanked them, and posted that I was familiar with your work…HAAHAA I love your work! Lets meet at Punter’s Pub (on huntington ave) next saturday, anytime after 1pm.

  2. >Great that you found time to make a square for the quilt, and I love the idea of a caterpillar!!! Bet you’ll be the first (maybe only) one to think of this “soon to be metamorphosed” idea. I think everybody will recognize this creature. If you had time a matching butterfly would certainly make the whole point of the quilt.

  3. >Wow, that is a small space! Love the caterpillar and I vote for a matching butterfly too. You make these seem effortless. What a great cause to donate you work to, they’ll be lucky to have your work!

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