>Fiery Ring


Today, I worked on my beaded ’43 Chevy fire truck a little more. Gradually, it’s coming together, but there’s going to be a lot of detailing to do to the truck besides stitching on seed beads. Tires, roof lights, a side view mirror, a door handle, and the fire hose all need to be added, among other things…

Anyways, while I was doing some beadwork, I couldn’t help but to think of another time the fire department might come in handy. When the Ring of Fire ride at the county fair suddenly stops and you’re stuck at the top while hanging upside-down=:0


In case you’ve never experienced The Ring of Fire, passengers are firmly secured in their seats within a train of cars and are taken on a journey that ultimately sends them up and around within a ‘fireball’. The train pauses only once at the top before cascading down the track backwards! It provides a 60-foot diameter shower of lights. This ride has 10 seats each holding 2 adults. I don’t know if the scenario I mentioned above ever happened, but I did read that ‘a wheel fell off the Ring of Fire at a fair in Manchester, Connecticut in 2004. I’m not sure what that means, because it looks to me that there’s only one wheel, but luckily, no one was injured…

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  1. >I have been on a ride similar to this but of course probably not as COOL….and they said “a” wheel and not “the” wheel so it does make you wonder what in the hell wheel they are speaking of. That reminds me of wheel in the sky by Journey, I think I’ll go listen and see if they know which wheel, whatya think? Later Beader Baby…!!!

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