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Remember when I was working on ‘Reading to Tawny’ and my bead-embroidered sofa featured a different paper rock star everyday? Well, the other day, I took Sara‘s suggestion and started to make a collage out of all of the paper musicians. I don’t think I’ve created a collage like this since I was in high school, and it was a lot of fun:) It’s not finished yet, but now, every time I use another paper cut-out on my blog, I’ll just glue it on somewhere. And, since many of the images are black & white, I may decide to paint or colour some of them…What do you think?

This collage is done on a 20″ x 30″w piece of foam board. It would look cool hanging in my apartment when I finally do finish it, but I was also thinking of perhaps auctioning it off for a charity. Today, I was searching around for some charities that interested me. At first, I couldn’t decide between animal rescue or music. Then, I found a non-profit organization that really interested me – the International Child Art Foundation in Washington, D.C. ICAF’s mission is ‘to employ the power of the arts to heal, inspire and unify children across the globe’. Coincidentally, my mission is similar; it is to employ the power of beadwork to educate, inspire, and unify people across the globe=:)

And, speaking of child art, here is another fire truck drawing that was sent to me by 8 yr. old Emily in Utah. Thank you, Emily, for sharing your artwork with the world:)

If your child would like to contribute their fire truck artwork to this blog while I’m working on my beaded fire truck, please email me a scan or a photo of their piece along with your child’s first name & age, and I’ll post it:)

8 thoughts on “>Cut & Paste

  1. >Awwww…thanks for your comments. Blu: I’m so glad you like my collage! Maybe someday, it will be yours, signed by yours truly, Beader Baby=;)And, thanks for the ‘puter hugs, Barb. Helping others (esp. children and animals) gives me a good feeling. And, it’s just the right thing to do=:)

  2. >You are one of my fav blogs to stop by. You are so sweet. I love that you share your beading and artwork. You are always seeking to do kind wonderful things for others! I am sending you lots of computer hugs!!!!

  3. >What a great idea! I’m inspired to be crafty but I’ve got enough to keep me busy for the time being…although everytime I go to Michael’s I’m tempted to buy that huge pad of scrapbook papers….soooo pretty with all the different colours and patterns….

  4. >OMG!!!! I will honestly say that I am exhausted and as soon as I saw the image i didn’t feel I needed to read the post and for that beader I am sorry. I am enthralled(in a good way) by this image of awesome cutting & pasting…..I am saving it and maybe even printing it…..So be proud, this is true art in my eyes. Later beader baby….

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