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This week, I have been jumping from project to project to project. Yes, I have 3 of them going at once – a record for me. The first is my bead-embroidered fire truck, the second is this lemur artist trading card, and the third is a necklace. The necklace is a surprise, so I can’t show it to you for awhile. But, I can show you my lemur. He’s named Zoboo, I’m creating him specifically for EBSQ’s Lemur Show =:)

Today, I finished the first layer of his beaded furry face, and I’m beginning to add some fringe to make his fur even more realistic. I used size 11 seed beads for his fur. I also added another layer of beads to his eyes, and they really pop out. I’m going to continue with his fur, and then I’ll add some dimension to his nose.

How do you think Zoboo looks so far??
And, are any of you currently working on more than one piece?
Or, am I the only one with Attention Deficit Disorder this week?

Also, I’d like to point out that more of my artwork is now available for purchase. Just click the Beadwork for Sale link in my sidebar to have a look. And, I recently added a few new items to my CafePress store.
Have fun shopping=:)

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  1. >One project at a time? What a foreign concept. I have the one that I am working on (Ganesha), two that are ready to go (Casie and the Mayan Chocolate God), and a new idea that involves a moose and an alpaca (North America versus South America? A new push-me-pull-you?). Then I am also in my first ATC swap – only have to make nine, but I am completely stumped…..

  2. >I’m not sure I know what a real lemur looks like… :)I haven’t worked on anything this week save for a necklace for my sister’s bday…except that I’ve been procrastinating and given that her bday is next Wed. and she lives across country, there’s no way it’ll reach her in time. I’m a bad sister. 😦

  3. >I usually have 3-5 projects that I work on at one time. I tell myself that I’m saving my body, by not spending too much time hunched, bent, or standing at any one thing. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I like your lemur very well. He’s a cutie. Zoobbo is a he, isn’t it? I hope I haven’t insulted someone with out realizing it!

  4. >I have artistic ADD too! I work on many things at once all the time, it helps when I get stuck on something, then I can let it be while I work on something else.I will be sure to vote for your lemur on EBSQ!

  5. >I always work on more than one work at a time, I get bored easy, and while I wait for one work to dry enough to continue the work…I alkways have another two that are ready to go. It makes it a little more fun too because I can work on totally different things and keep the inner muse alive…it also helps when I am working twords a goal, like an opening or something because I can get more finished at a time. I usually work on three things at once…so no you are not the only one with creative ADD! I like to call it Creative Insanity.BTW, I love the lemur! He’s coming along great!

  6. >Zobboo is nice!When I begin a work, I don´t know why, immediately I get hooked up with other one and other one. That sometimes takes me a lot of time to conclude someone of them.(Did I say it in English well?)

  7. >Well, I’m starting my bead embroidered strawberry (if I’ve got the right beading needles, and charlottes will work . . .), I’m working on 35 Wonder Woman ATC’s (stamped/collaged etc.) for an alphabet ATC swap (my first atc ever and it’s for a swap, lol, I got the letter W, which was perfect . . .), I have 50 Utah ATC’s to make for a 50 states ATC swap, and then I don’t know. I have various UFO’s, of course . . . the two I’ve got to finish to equal out the one new beading project I’m starting (the bead embroidered strawberry) are also on my plate. A netted necklace, which is almost done, and an embellished beaded bracelet from a pattern in a recent beading magazine.

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