>Barber Shop from Hell


Yesterday, I continued beading my 1943 Chevy fire truck. I worked on the front fender. The surface of the fender is complete, but I still need to bead the edges of the layers of felt for a seamless look.

The entire time I’ve been working on this piece, I’ve been thinking about all the different situations our communities need the Fire Department. However, it wasn’t until today that I thought of somewhere you don’t need them, and that is in Hell, because if you end up there, no one can save you from the fire=:0

According to many religious beliefs, Hell is an afterlife of suffering where sinners are punished. In art and literature, Hell is either depicted or described as an underground inferno. And, in popular culture, Hell is the place where the Devil lives. The Devil is usually depicted as a red horned creature that carries a pitchfork.

My question is, in Beck‘s song Devil’s Haircut, is he referring to the horns? Or, does the Devil actually have hair? And, if the Devil does have hair, what kind of haircut is it?


Above is my quick drawing of the Devil. It is sort of an upside-down flame with horns. Over the next week or so, I encourage all of you to print out this blank sketch, and draw/colour/paint your idea of the Devil’s haircut. What type of haircut will it be? Will it be an afro, a mohawk, a mullet, or a buzz cut? And, will it be red? Or, will you be daring enough to make it a completely different colour? The possibilities are infinite, so use your imagination, and have fun:) When you’ve completed your artwork, please scan or take a picture of it and email it back to me. Then, I’ll create a wicked cool slideshow with all of the devilish hairstyles that I receive=:)

Here is my Devil’s haircut painted with watercolours.
Isn’t he evil?? =:)

8 thoughts on “>Barber Shop from Hell

  1. >Too funny, Chucky! LOLLB, your painting reminds me of a lion! I like the way your mind works. You possess an extremely fun-loving and creative spirit!

  2. >Poor Richard Simmons! I love where this is going. Hmmm, I had a Beck obsession years ago, and haven’t listened to Odelay in awhile. I’ll have to tune in tomorrow and maybe I’ll be inspired to draw the devil’s haircut.

  3. >A small question? Why would the devil have hair? Wouldn’t it just be burnt off anyway? I think he’s bald and doesn’t worry about haircuts, but that’s just me…

  4. >Sure, you could be creative with your computer, but it is much more fun to draw or paint. Also, you can use any type of medium you wish; the sky’s the limit… BTW, it took me about 10 minutes to paint my Devil, so being artistic doesn’t have to take a long time if you are determined to try=:)

  5. >Ha, ha, the idea with the devil is quite cool. Hope that I will find the time. Can one also make something digitally on the PC? I am so bad at drawing, painting etc. And I liked Beck’s Loser at that time! 😀 Oh, I have realized how much rap I do like recently … HELP! 😀 I am thinking about German music you could like …

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