>Name Those Earrings


Today, I did something I rarely do. I took a short break from working on my beaded fire truck. I realized that my friend’s birthday is tomorrow. She likes to wear earrings to work, so I stitched up these hot pink & purple freeform peyote earrings to give to her. They measure about 2″ long x 0.5″ wide. I hope she likes them… The spiral focal beads are made from glass. I picked them up at a bead show a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, I can’t remember who made them. The hot pink beads are size 15’s. I stitched in some size 11 triangles, size 13 charlottes, and a few soldered sterling silver jump rings, as well.

I really enjoy this freeform technique, because the results are always a surprise. These earrings were fun to make, so I’ll probably make a couple more pairs. I’ll add these to my portfolio sometime this week, but right now, I can’t think of name for them…
Any ideas??

12 thoughts on “>Name Those Earrings

  1. >Those are awesome!!!! I really enjoy making gifts instead of just buying them, it is always more personal and you have such a talent that makes it much more beautiful. Awesome once again Beader Baby…

  2. >They look like coral swirls with a circle of sea below to me…..so I would call them ocean swirls! o! well :o) it was worth a try I guess. lol lol lol.LB your fire truck is so nice now I must go and look back at others of your posts I have missed such a lot.have a wonderful day as it left us filled with joy.Lee-ann

  3. >Wheely Fun Earrings.A Wheely Good TimeFree Wheelin’oh, I need to email you a pic my dd drew (she’s 8) of an unconventional color of fire truck she drew to go up on your blog!

  4. >LB, since you are a music person, I guess I was predisposed to humming as I opened your blog…..and a line from a song hit me. Rollin down the road, heading to? the highway. Darned if I know where it came from, but I often think of the old songs about cars and racing and hotrods when I look you up (wonder why LOL). DMZAPP (who by the way had a birthday day before yesterday and would have been delighted to get those hot rod earrings)

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