>Seeing Spots


Yesterday, Mary commented that she can hardly wait to see the dog that will be included in my piece. Well, here’s a tracing of the Dalmatian that I want to bead. The dog will be lying next to my ’43 Chevy fire truck. I like this sketch because it will look like the dog is looking at the truck. What do you think?? Also, I have an idea in the works that would make the beaded Dalmatian detachable so that the viewer can move it to where they think the dog should lie. If my idea materializes, the piece would be interactive beadwork…

Also today, some seed beads that I got on Ebay last week arrived in my mailbox. They are white antique size 22 seed beads. These were made in Italy in the late 1800’s. I have never used beads this tiny before, but I thought they’d be perfect for the Dalmatian along with size 15 seed beads for the spots. In the photo below, I have placed them next to a dime so you can see the size. I’m sure my size 15 beading needle doesn’t even fit through them=:0

But, before I worry about that, I’m going to keep beading my fire truck=:)

14 thoughts on “>Seeing Spots

  1. >Wow, who in the heck holds on to beads for over 100 years! Now, I don’t mean to sound cynical, but do you really think they are from the 1800’s?Maybe the dog’s name could be Hello, Dally.

  2. >These are the smallest beads I have ever seen. I feel bad for your eyes! This dalmation is going to be quite a piece when it is completed.I love seeing your finished pieces, I will check back to see it done with car and all.I am in Boston every Saturday now until the end of April at SMFA. Maybe we can get together some saturday.

  3. >Those are crazy-small! My eyes wouldn’t be able to withstand the strain and I don’t think my motor skills are that fine! Kudos to you LB! Can’t wait to see what promises to be a fantastic dalmatian!

  4. >Belive it or not.Here, in Argentina, you can only get two sizes of beads: The small beads you show LB, and others that are double size. (mostacillas y mostacillones)Nymo don´t exists here.All beaders of the North hemisphere are lucky!!The truck is amazing!!

  5. >Oh Wow! This dog is going to be dynamite! He will look fabulous. I think with that small a bead you need a size 16 or smaller needle and then a lot of them are too little to get through twice, so you’ll end up not using them. I’ve never worked with 22’s so I’m not an expert. I know threading the needle can be a real trick. I don’t have any other than the usual suggestions for that. Your drawing is just right, I think for the piece and if he can be interactive, well that would be so marvelous that I can’t even imagine it. This is going to be one super piece!

  6. >Those are extremely tiny beads. You must have huge amounts of patience to work with those. I can’t wait to see the Dalmatian. I like your sketch, it does look like he is admiring the truck.The interactive part sounds pretty cool. Where do you come up with the fantastic ideas???

  7. >Wow…those are small beads. If your needle doesn’t work, what about using the blue nylon dental floss needles you can buy in drugstores? I use those for knotting my pearls. They work great-it would slow your process down, using that needle just to get the thread through the bead, then changing to a needle to sew the bead on, but if you don’t have a needle fine enough, the nylon may just squeeze through.

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