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Kids, Do Not Try This Trick at Home

Have you ever witnessed anyone try this fire-breathing stunt? I have. It was August 20, 1996 at Great Woods Center for Performing Arts in Mansfield, MA. I was working the Enit Festival, and I happened to be out in the crowd watching some of the show when Porno for Pyros took the stage.


Porno for Pyros‘ name was thought of when frontman Perry Farrell was reading a fireworks catalog. His friend had referred to the catalog as a “porno for a pyro(maniac)”. Cool name for a band, but Perry took this name to a bit of an extreme. For this particular tour, his entourage consisted of a ballerina, a belly dancer, a contortionist, and two fire-breathing women on stilts. One of the dancers on stilts was named Pandora. She was dressed in nothing but a gauze skirt and silver pasties. (No, I don’t have pics, Rockdog.) She was performing her fire-breathing act while the band was playing, and apparently, her fuel of choice was Bacardi 151 rum.

Halfway through the set, something went terribly wrong. The girl lost her balance on the stilts, and some of the rum spilled onto her skirt at the same time. She stumbled over a riser and fell onto the stage in what seemed like slow motion. Pandora was engulfed in flames, and Perry’s circus-like fantasies quickly became a frightening reality. As the audience watched in horror, someone ran onstage with a fire extinguisher to put the fire out. Pandora was lucky; she escaped with only minor injuries. I had vivid nightmares about that concert and, to this day, I still cannot listen to Porno for Pyros without envisioning that girl on fire=:0

If you are considering a career in the fire arts, please remember that both fire-eating and fire-breathing are possibly the most dangerous and potentially injurious art to be found in circus, theatre, and street performing. Experimenting without knowledge may be fatal and the first steps should be taken ONLY in the presence of an experienced person who fully understands the dangers.

You can learn more facts about the dangers of fire-breathing HERE.

While you think about that, I’d like to show you the progress on my ’43 Chevy fire truck. I didn’t get a lot of beadwork done because I was busy working most of the day, but I did bead the two little headlight portions of the piece. What do you think??

Next, I’ll probably work on the fender…

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  1. >through the magic of google i found this post. I was at the Great Woods Enit show and I’ve been telling this story for years. Have never been able to find anything online til now. thanks for posting!

  2. >The truck is so fantastic! The lights are just right! I mean it! This is your best yet. I can hardly way to get to the dog!? I’ve never ever considered a fire breathing act and I hope people who are considering such will read your blog. Man talk about a nightmare! Ugh!

  3. >HA! August 20, 1996 was my 21st birthday!!! I can’t remember what i was doing that night but it is probably pretty obvious…Wow, I haven’t heard Pornos For Pyros in forever, you really have some great taste in music beader baby. the fire breathing act I have done with Bacardi 151 and it was scary but done it and got a the t-shirt, well, it actually burned up, just kidding!!! I did breath fire though…The fire truck is looking cool and I can’t wait to see the finished product.Later Beader baby…!!!

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