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I just got home from a long day of work in the theatre, and all I can do is look at my beadwork for 5 minutes, and then I have to go to bed. This makes me sad, because I know I probably won’t be able to work on my beaded fire truck until Wednesday… I’ll only get 3 hours of sleep tonite because I have to work that crazy Justin Timberlake show at 4am. I heard that he’s bringing 22 trucks, and that the stage takes up the entire arena floor. I’m not happy about that, but it will probably be a lucrative day. I’ll try to post some pics HERE so you can see…

Also, here’s a photo of my work table’s current condition. It is pretty messy right now. I don’t like how the seed bead colours are getting mixed up, either. But, I’ll admit I’ve gotten quite lazy, and now, I just put them in a separate container if they’re a mix of different hues of the same colour. Do you mind when your beads get mixed up? And, when they do, do you sort them? Or, do you just put them in a separate container??

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  1. >I hope you are rested up from working the show. I can’t wait to see the beading you do on Wednesday. I’m tagging you. 6 weird things, go look at my blog to read all about it.

  2. >I used to be a fanatic about keeping my beads in one color only. Anymore, I don’t care. I can use them in whatever shape they are in. For doing what you are doing, I have 3-4 color mixes I use from and that mean 4-7 colors in each container and 3-4 containers. So that would 4-7 colors of yellows in one container. 4-7 more yellows in another. It allows me a lot more freedom now. I just keep the mixes going and feel free to use what ever color from my mixes I think will work best. I really like working that way for bead embroidery of any style, now, but mixes used to bother me a lot. I don’t quite know what happened, it just worked out that way.

  3. >Sometimes a short hiatus is a good thing for your body!I used to sort always, but now it depends on how many beads and how precious (how few) of them I have. But, usually, it’s into another bag for them and then when I do improv beading I drag a few of them out and I have ready-made mixes!

  4. >In my experience teaching I’ve always found two distinct types: those who keep their beads in speparate piles/containers (and sort them if they accidentally get mixed up) and those who make bead stews. Very few do both. Although I’m a sorter, I can see that stews work perfectly well for many people.Your truck is awesome, and I can totally relate to the sadness and frustration you must feel at not being able to fit a good, long bead fix into your day right now.

  5. >I’m so glad that you’re not a super tidy beader. I was thinking it was only me! The truck is much larger than I expected but it makes sense to get in all that detail. Hope you survive(d) the Timberlake concert. Stay warm and bead on. =)

  6. >Your truck is a lot bigger than I thought, and is looking really good.I couldn’t cope if my beads got mixed up. nope! What an interesting but exhausting job you have. I used to love working in the theatre in england as I got to meet quite a few of the performers. My claim to fame is olivia newton john asked me if I had any hairspray she could borrow LOL!

  7. >Boah! How big that truck is!!! And I would totally get crazy when my beads get mixed up!!! Besides, I can understand your sadness. Recently, I have been so tired in the evening and my eyes were so achy that I wasn’t able to touch any beads. *sigh* However, yesterday I found the time to get a lot done and maybe I will also manage this today.And yes, Justin and Britney were a couple for some months (or 1 or 2 years?). I love gossip! 🙂

  8. >It’s looking good, LB!I used to be rather fanatical about keeping all my beads organized in seperate boxes, sorted by colour, for the most part, but since starting my business, I haven’t had the time. I’ve resorted to keeping them in the large ziploc bags they’ve been packaged in just so I can keep track of my supplies in a pseudo-first-in-first-out basis for pricing purposes.

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