>Sunday Night Fever


I knew the Indianapolis Colts would win the SuperBowl (sorry, Chicago)… If you watched the football game, what did you think? Personally, the only reason I watched it was to see Prince play at half-time. Despite the rain, I think he put on a great performance. However, I was horrified to see all of the musical instruments getting rained on for 20 minutes. I know from experience that it’s no fun to work a show like that in the rain because everything has to be covered in plastic. Anyways, now that it’s all over, I’m sure the Colts are busy celebrating by burnin’ up the dance floor to the sounds of the Bee Gees=:)


While I watched the game, I worked on my ’43 Chevy fire truck. I beaded the horn that is just above the fender. I also layered the beads a bit. The tough part about this layering technique is that sometimes you have to manipulate how the seed beads sit on top of one another. I still have to work on this, but at least the beads are there…
Here are a couple of close-up shots. What do you think??

And, speaking of work, the next couple of days will be busy for me, so I’m not sure when my next post will be. You’ll have to check my other blogs to see what I’ve been up to… Tomorrow, I have to set up some crazy ballet, and on Tuesday, Justin Timberlake is playing at the Garden. Tuesday will be a long day because we have to start work at 4am. The sun is still asleep then… Justin Timberlake must have a lot of tractor-trailers full of equipment. One thing I always say is, ‘The more trucks there are, the less talent you have.’ =:0

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  1. >Diana, the fire truck is looking fabulous! I just can’t get over your beading creations; I would give anything to have one!! When you open your shop, do let me know!No comment on your superbowl thing…we don’t follow that in Oz.

  2. >First…I’m a huge Cirque du Soleil fan, and that pre-game show STUNK! Second…Prince was HOOOTTTTTTT!!! I’d love to see him in concert, and yes, I agree, he looks the same as he did 20 years ago. Amazing-he’ll be 49 this year!

  3. >Prince was my only real reason for watching the game too! HE ROCKED! I hope he’ll do just one more concert so I can finally see him in person. *sigh*The fire engine is just turning out gorgeous! I hope you’re taking your time and enjoying the experience? One day I’d love to see what your bead stash looks like!Take care up there.

  4. >Thanks for all your comments! I love reading all of your thoughts and opinions=:)Nauma, I do believe that Justin dated Britney, but I really don’t follow that stuff.Cynthia, I’ll agree, Thing 1 and Thing 2 during Prince’s performance were very distracting in a BAD way=:(RockDog, there used to be a historic arena called the Boston Garden, and they tore it down and built a new one 9″ away from where the old one stood. Then, they called it the FleetCenter for years. Now, its the Gahden again. LOL…. And, I hear ya on the fire truck grill, but, you just wait and see what I have in store for this piece to really make it stand out. I just hope I can figure out how to do what I’m envisioning…Ok, that’s all the commenting for now. Gotta go to bed… Talk at ya soon=:)

  5. >I like the truck, especially the door. What I am most fascinated by are all the cool gadget type things on your blog. I would love to put some music but don’t know how. Any advice? I love the slide show thing too, neat. One last question then I’ll stop bugging you….what do you fuse to the back of your work to help it be firm enough to ‘sit upright’?

  6. >I love the call on Justin Timberlake with the equipment vs. talent ratio! Snicker!The truck is looking so good. The layering is tricky, but Robin always says that if you are having trouble getting a bead to lay properly, just fill the hole of the miscreant bead with thread and that should help it lay better. That is from Robin Atkins, not me, I’m just passing it along for if it helps.

  7. >It’s looking great! I’ll have to take a look back at the sketch…the front grill is throwing me off. I love what how it coming along!…and it’s killing me to know where the dog is going to be!It’s funny, when you say someone is playing The Garden…I assume Madison Square Garden. LOL! Have fun with Justin!

  8. >Your truck is looking good! I’m amazed at how fast you work.I didn’t watch the super bowl, but of course I watched 1/2 time since I am a Prince fan! I think he did well despite the rain, but Thing 1 and Thing 2 were distracting dancing all over the place. Okay, that was rude, but they did remind me of a Dr. Suess book.My husband and SIL were routing for Chicago and were disappointed, but oh well, the Broncos weren’t in it, so it wasn’t tragic or anything.I love the Bee Gees. I must be one of your odd readers. I always pick the musicians everyone else disdains. Definitely Bee Gees over Justin!

  9. >Work calls!Is this boy an ex of Britney Spears?I think that he takes many trailers with the hope of which the talent is strained.The talent doesn´t need trailersYour red truck is looking good!

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