>Colts vs. Bears


Question of the day:

Who will win SuperBowl XLI?

Here in the States, SuperBowl Sunday is almost like an honorary national holiday. Friends & family get together to eat, drink, and watch football on television, unless they’re lucky enough to actually attend the game. This year, I don’t particularly care about it because the New England Patriots didn’t make it, but I might decide to go to a party just for the food & beer. And, since my father lives in Indiana, I’ll have to root for the Indianapolis Colts instead of the Chicago Bears=:)

What are your plans for the game??

And, if you live outside of the States, what is your country’s ‘Big Game’??

Also, here’s the progress on my 1943 Chevy fire truck. I started beading the front quarter of the body. This represents 2 hours of beading

9 thoughts on “>Colts vs. Bears

  1. >Our country’s big game is, of course, soccer. But yesterday, Germany won the handball world cup. So, that is the game currently! 😉 A small compensation for being third at the soccer world cup …

  2. >I so love this piece! I think it is awesome. If I watch the Super Bowl today it will be by accident. Oops! I think it’s started. I hope the Bears win though and it isn’t boring. Most of them are a snooze!

  3. >No football for me. I can sit on the edge of the couch for the last minutes and that is enough for me.I did watch the Saints lose to the Bears. That was sad for us in New Orleans but we were proud of our team for making it that far.The fire truck is looking so good!!I just want to reach through my monitor and touch it!!!

  4. >Well.. I think I’ll finish off the bottle of wine I started today, *G* and watch the commercials. If it’s a good game I’ll watch it otherwise I’ll be computing or reading or doing puzzles, I’m hooked on Sudoku.Love the truck, only two hours, your fast.

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