>Goodness Gracious


Many of you already know this, but when I’m not beading, I’m a stagehand, which means I get to set up a lot of cool concerts for a living. Sometimes, I even get to work the shows by running a spotlight or doing set change in between acts. This has been my only real career for the past 15 years. I’m sure it sounds like a lot of fun, but truthfully, it has its ups & downs just like any other job. It’s very physically demanding, and at times, it has very odd hours. However, if you can look past all of that, the job can have some interesting moments

But, work isn’t always cool. For example, an uncool time would be when Jerry Lee Lewis goes onstage and plays his piano ’til it bursts into flames=:0


Then, immediately, a deckhand has to run out onstage with a fire extinguisher and try to put the blaze out. But, I imagine that when Jerry’s Baby Grand catches on fire, it’s tough to extinguish… Personally, I’d be praying that the fire department showed up. Fast…

And, here’s the fire truck you’ve been waiting for. I beaded the driver’s side door. It took me quite awhile to do that, too.
How do you think it looks so far??

And, speaking of my job, I’ll be busy working today & tomorrow, so I’m not exactly sure when my next post will be, although I’m sure I’ll post to my mobile blog… Also, Blogger finally fixed the commenting problem=:)

18 thoughts on “>Goodness Gracious

  1. >I’ve seen Jerry Lee in concert three times in Melbourne. The first time (about 30 years ago) he was absolutely tanked (drunk) and really funny (although some people thought he was obnoxious, wonder why?). The next night he was stone cold sober and not half as entertaining, lol! Twenty years later (or 10 years ago) he was back in Melbourne and we saw him again. Behaved himself this time, and the audience (primary middleaged rockers) loved him!

  2. >Well, at least you can say there’s never a dull moment in your day job.As for the fire truck. I honestly think this one is going to be my favoritist (sometimes you have to invent your own words) so far.

  3. >Thanks for your comments! Deirdre, the mix of red beads are random. And, for the door, I started with the outline and worked my way in. That’s usually how I work. And, check my other blog… I might have some pics from work tommorrow. =:)

  4. >Yes, the fire truck is progressing nicely and will be a fine tribute to the original. The door is great… your pattern of beading gave it the appearance of dimension.

  5. >The Truck is OUTSTANDING! And I have a few questions – hope you don’t mind me picking your brain.Is the mix of the red bead colors that you used, random or are you following an idea you have in mind. Of course I don’t mean the design lines for things like the trim or outlines. and… when you did the door did you start at the center or did you work your way in?keep up the good work, and I’m jealous about you seeing Rod. I haven’t seen him in concert since the 80’s! 😀 eirdre

  6. >We’ll see if the fix works. I couldn’t comment yesterday. You are right. I couldn’t stand the weird hours and stuff of being a stage hand. The truck is looking so great!

  7. >Wizened Wizard, I do also work in the theatres, but I feel most at home at the rock concerts. Tomorrow, I’m workin a Rod Stewart concert…Wouldn’t you be tempted to point the fire extinguisher *accidentally* at Jerry Lee?This scenario would be a highlight of my day at work. LOL

  8. >A stagehand. Okay, I’m sure it isn’t always thrilling… but I LOVE the theatre – the backstage workings as much as what the audience sees. Cool.My favorite gnome would love the firetruck!Wouldn’t you be tempted to point the fire extinguisher *accidentally* at Jerry Lee?

  9. >Don’t forget that this is actually 2 days of beadwork, since I didn’t post my truck yesterday…And, don’t worry, Beadbabe, I turn on some music and play air-guitar (or drums or piano) in between each row of beads I stitch=:)

  10. >I’m with rockdog on jerry lee…ewwww, indeed!I think you’re getting faster and faster at this beading thing…keep it up!(but don’t forget to take breaks or I’ll have to send you a pic of my two palms!)

  11. >The truck is looking good!I love Jerry Lee Lewis! What a bad ass he is!…well, except for that whole cousin thing, that’s just ewwwwwwww…

  12. >Wow. You are working fast as always. And regarding Jerry Lee Lewis: I prefer Jerry Lewis without the “Lee”. That Old Black Magic … (from “The Nutty Professor”) §:-)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6PtgSGUjds

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