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Today, Upstream People Gallery presents their 9th Annual Realism Juried Online Art Exhibition. Four of my bead-embroidered pieces, ‘Great Blue Heron’, ‘Rudy’s Dream’, ‘The Divas’, and ‘Waiting for Dad’, were all accepted into the show. You can view them HERE. This show will be featured for a month, then it will be archived on the site for one year.

Please take the time to view some of the other pieces, as well.
Here are my favourites:

‘Sunset’ by Min Kyung Kim
‘Rehabilitation of the Hood’ by Linda S. Lee
‘Bulldog’ by Hanli Liu
‘Stryker’s Chevrolet’ by Bruch Rigby
‘Hollyhocks and Fence’ by Elaine Tweedy

Just a reminder – I’m still looking for some children to contribute their artwork to my blog while I’m beading my 1943 Chevy fire truck. If your kids have done any drawings or paintings of fire trucks, firemen at work, dalmatians, or anything else fire-related, send me a photo along with the child’s first name & age, and I’ll post it!

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, I just set up another weblog for photos I take from my cell phone – Adventures of the Lone Beader. I created it to document things that I see while I’m in Europe this spring, but I’ll probably post cool pics of things I see at work or in my daily travels, as well. Check it out when you can.

And, I’d like to mention that if the ever-so-temperamental Blogger does not allow you to comment at this time, and you would like to, you can always drop a note in my Shoutbox, send me an email, or head over to my other blog & leave a comment there. I love hearing from you, and I am thrilled that you take the time to stop by everyday=:)

Now, back to doing some beadwork=:)

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