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If you’re familiar with my beaded Old English Sheepdogs, The Divas, you know that a woman named Gigi & her husband Craig owned them. And, if you followed my progress on that piece last summer, you’ll also know that I mentioned the kennel where one of the dogs was born, as well as an OES rescue in a few of my posts.

Well, recently, a man named Jim emailed me because he was searching for a puppy whose mother was perhaps from the same breeder. He could no longer contact that particular kennel, Stapleford, because the owner had passed away. When Jim did a search, he came across my blog, and contacted me. So, I forwarded the message to Gigi, who lives near Atlanta, GA…

Long story short, after forwarding several messages back and forth, Gigi contacted me once again regarding Jim. She asked me to tell him about rescue pups in need of adoption in Indiana. So, I forwarded him the message. Well, today, Gigi forwarded me some good news. It turns out that Jim lives just 30 minutes away from the woman who arranges the OES adoptions in Indiana. I’m hoping that at least one sheepie finds a new home as a result of all of this. And, if so, it may not have happened if it weren’t for my blog. Knowing that gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. This story is just one more reason why I write about the different things that I do:)

Coincidentally, The Divas are about to find a new home, as well. In a couple of days, they will be on their way to Gigi & Craig, which is exactly where they belong. I must say – I do believe that The Divas deserve a ride in the back of my 1943 Chevy fire truck before they leave:)

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In the above photo, my semi-beaded fire truck is parked in front of Fire Station #6, in Atlanta, Georgia. This fire station is the oldest fire station in the city. It was built in 1894, and it served its community until 1991. Located on the corner of Auburn & Boulevard, it is part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Site. Today, it is a fire museum that tells about the integration of the city’s fire department. Inside, the station looks exactly the way it did when Dr. King grew up in the neighborhood, and it also includes a 1927 fire engine=:)

And, here’s a closer look at my vintage Chevy fire truck. I finally finished beading around the windows. So far, I like how it looks, but I’ll admit, it’s a slow process. Where I stitch one bead greatly affects where the next bead will lie…

13 thoughts on “>Fire Station #6

  1. >How appropriate that the Divas get the first ride in you new/old fire truck. So neat — love it. Now I am really wondering where the Dalmation will be since you said it is a secret — LOL — suspense, I love it.

  2. >You do a great job of teaching those of us who stop by for a visit about things that go along with your projects. The fire truck is coming along beautifully.Thanks for touching our lives and that of a puppy in need of rescuing.

  3. >Yeah for the Divas! They are going to a wonderful new home indeed. And as for the ride in the back of the fire truck? BWAHAHAHA!The fire truck is coming out gorgeous. *swoon*

  4. >Hey that’s great that your blog can help others!!! I would like to combine my blog with interesting facts, too. But I am not really sure about it. Maybe some botanical or floral historical things … We’ll see.I love the two shades of red on your truck!!!

  5. >Hot dog(s)!!! I am so glad they are going to Gini, that’s awesome! And about a possible sheepie rescue/adoption, too!!LOVING the truck, esp. what you noted about liking around the windows beading.

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