>Electric Nightmare



The above images were the result of a test conducted by the Building and Fire Research Laboratory in Gaithersburg, MD. The images were taken from this VIDEO, which documents how long it takes for a bunk bed to burn from the point of ignition. Take a look at the fire data; it’s quite interesting…but not when it’s happening to you because you forgot to turn off your electric blanket before you fell asleep=:0

Currently, it’s only 5° Fahrenheit here in Boston, and I’d be willing to bet that a lot of elderly folks got out their electric blankets tonight. If you know an elderly person who uses one, please check their blanket for these signs of danger:

The blanket is worn or frayed.
There are scorch marks.
The tie-tapes are damaged or missing.
The flex is worn or damaged.
Any connections at the plug or controls are loose.
The heating wires are damaged or displaced.

If you have any doubts about an electric blanket at all, just replace it, because after all, how can you sleep when the bed is burning?? You’ll be outside in the cold waiting for the fire truck to show up…if you’re lucky…=:0

Also, here’s the latest progress on my piece. I cut out some more felt shapes for my ’43 fire truck. I also stitched the windows in place after I beaded the steering wheel. Then, I added the headlights of the vehicle. I stitched each headlight bead at an angle with some extra felt jammed underneath. That way it gives the truck the appearance of being parked at an angle. And, lastly, I started working on the grill. I’m using size 15 Metallic Bronze seed beads for this. How do you think it looks so far??

Well, now it’s time for me to go to bed…
except I’ll be snuggled up in my down comforter=:)

10 thoughts on “>Electric Nightmare

  1. >The opals for the headlighs are perfect. I love watching how you set up the fire truck to bead. Right now fire fighters in New Orleans are in the news. They are under paid hereos who make less money than those working at McDonalds. I am glad we don’t need electric blankets here!

  2. >Our electric blanket is brand new and I promise not to let it get in a bad way. No burning the Te!It’s funny, I know where that place is. Gaithersburg is about 30 minutes from me. Go north to Emmitsburg and you have the National Fire Academy. In Westminster there is a training facility where I’ve watched them practice putting out fires on two and three story buildings. FREAKY!The fire truck is going to be amazing. It’s already coming along nicely.Stay warm up there! It’s freezin’ down here too!

  3. >After missing yesterday and most of the day before, it was fun to see your progress. I like the truck a lot!Good information on the electric blankets too! Thanks for passing that along.

  4. >I Love the shape your piece is going to take and I need to remember that skipping a day visiting your blog is a bad thing!You are really causing the rest of us to look soooo bad! you get an idea and boy off you go – I’m feeling like the tortoise from the Tortoise & The Hare! And here I was all set to bring my beading project back out – Nah – never mind! I’LL JUST WATCH! LOL 😀 eirdre

  5. >I was down at the “Disco Inferno” with my laptop with Kiss playing “Firehouse” on my ipod when I saw your latest project.Your “Burning Down the House” with this one. Beds are Burning! I love that song! Reminds me of the Good Old Days of MTV. Be safe…

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