>How to Light My Fire


Everyone has had their experiences with fire, but do you actually know what it is?? Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and some type of fuel, such as wood or gasoline. But, in order for combustion to happen, the fuel must be heated to its ignition temperature. Under certain circumstances, fires can start on their own, but other times, you may find it necessary to light your own fire. Here are a number of situations where it’s useful to know how to light a fire:

You’re hungry and you want to cook a steak on the grill.
You want to impress your girlfriend by using the fireplace.
You’re out camping, and you want to roast marshmallows.
You’re ice-fishing, and you need to keep warm.
You need to make smoke signals so that someone finds you in woods.
Your neighbor’s barn is blocking your view of the sunset.
You can’t figure out what else to do with that stolen car.
(Feel free to add to the list…)

To light a fire, you need the proper materials, such as kindling wood or a can of gasoline, and either a lighter or waterproof matches. Zippo lighters are the best, but sometimes they run out of fluid. So, if you’re in the wilderness, make sure you also have some matches. If for some reason, you get lost in the woods with nothing, then you’ll have to rub two sticks together until they ignite.

Now, when Jim Morrison of The Doors sings “Come on baby, light my fire”, you’ll know exactly how to do it. But, remember, never leave a fire unattended=:0


Speaking of having the proper materials, today, I looked through my bead stash and realized that I hardly had any red seed beads! I guess I haven’t used much red since I completed Rudy’s Dream last year. So, today I went to Beaucoup Beads to do a little shopping. I was thrilled because everything in the store was 20% off! Do you think I have enough red beads now? I also got some red Nymo and some oval-shaped Opalite beads that I plan to use for headlights. That should keep me busy for awhile…

When I got home, I cut out some more felt shapes for my 1943 Chevy fire truck. I cut out some black Ultrasuede for the interior, as well as a couple of the tires, and I cut out the windows. Also, if you enlarge the photo, you’ll see that I cut out a couple of pieces of clear vinyl to use for the windows, as well. It’s kind of a slow process, but I want to make sure everything is just right before I start beading…

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  1. >Fire is also something they do when they need to cut expenses and “right-size”. And my company, rumor has it, is about to fire 10-30% of their workforce in the next week. Ugh!

  2. >Beadbabe, thanks for mentioning that. The reds I DID have on hand are variations of the colour, but I didn’t have any bright reds, so had get some more. I just showed the ones I purchased. If I need to get more variations, I will… =:)

  3. >Thanks for all your comments so far, and glad you’re enjoying the song of the day=:) Corky: You’re right, but junkies aren’t the only ones who do that. Cigarettes = bad. Nina, that song is freakin’ COOL, and so is Nick Cave. Thanks for mentioning that. Crymson, tell your husband I said thanks=:)Anonymous, thank you so much for leaving a comment!! Liz, I, too, am waiting to see the placement of the dalmatian, as well… And, yes RockDog, it’s the pimped out ’43 fire engine. LOL!

  4. >What a cool new project. My mom and her husband were a volunteer firefighters.Looking forward to watching this one progress – it’s fascinating.

  5. >Wow, you work fast! I love the color red and am going to enjoy watching the progress on this one.I once set fire to my kitchen making candles…wax can catch fire too!

  6. >Rock on – that is the start of a great piece!!! I’ll be waiting to see the placement of the dalmation, in the front seat, on the back, or hanging out in front….Fires are useful for getting rid of the outhouse that was left on property when you purchased it (please, don’t ask how I know this. That tree is still not the same).

  7. >I will now be singing the Doors all day! =0) thanks for putting a good song in my head. its the best way to start a day of work.Excellent new project. My husband wanted me to tell you that your work is really amazing!

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