>Shop ’til You Drop


While I’m working on sketches for my next piece, I’d like to take this time to announce my new CafePress store, The Lone Beader’s Boutique.

Each of my designs will be a print taken from my bead-embroidered artwork. I’m starting out with a basic shop, so I can only offer one image at a time. Since this is an experiment, I’m going to try selling a few different designs. However, I will offer each one for a limited time only, starting with Rudy, my beaded Irish Jack Russell Terrier. I’m offering hoodies, t-shirts, a coffee mug, and a mousepad, as well as some clothing for baby, too! Remember, this is for a limited time only (depending on sales, of course). I have also added a link in my sidebar under ‘My Shops’. I think this might be a fun way to promote my work, so please take a peek, and let me know what you think=:)

All proceeds benefit the Lone Beader’s Starving Artist Fund, which of course, pays for more seed beads=:)

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  1. >Can’t wait to buy my mug. (But sigh – I gotta wait till I return to the States in July.)Be sure to put a link in your sidebar for all to use & enjoy.And enjoy some chocolate for me. :~>

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