>Reading to Tawny


Today, I finally finished stitching the felt backing onto my beadwork. This beaded portrait is entitled ‘Reading to Tawny’, and it measures approx. 6″ x 9″ wide. I decided that I like it displayed on an easel better than as a wall piece, so I didn’t add a hanger on the back, although one could be added at a later date. I’ll be posting this piece in my portfolio within the next day or so. Enjoy=:)

23 thoughts on “>Reading to Tawny

  1. >Oh I love it! I feel rather invested in this artwork having seen it grow and develop over the weeks. You’ve done a beautiful job with it.

  2. >It’s wonderful! Congrats on finishing. Very cool way to display it also.And I see you decided to do a cafepress store – good luck! Let us know how that works out.

  3. >These just keep getting better and better. I’m not sure which is my favorite at the moment. I’m sure it will always be the next one you do. Congrats!

  4. >Stunning – your work takes my breath away! The stand works lovely for a display and really shows the piece off. I’m looking forward to your next journey! 😀 eirdre

  5. >All the work has paid off with this one. I really like it!Your next project should be something surreal and abstract, whatcha’ think? C’mon Beader you can do it…

  6. >Congratulations on your Gallery pieces in the previous post… and congratulations on the completion of Julie reading to Tawny. It is a beautiful piece. Hmmm… I’m waiting in anticipation for what is coming up next.

  7. >…and the suspense is broken…My cousin’s mom painted an amazing pic of Tawny and me, but this is our first time in beads! I’ve been watching the progress of the piece with great anticipation. I’m very impressed with all of the details of me, Tawny and the sofa. I think the use of the floss for face/arms was an interesting choice. I love the pink dress and white slipper shoes, and the reading material (roller skating was a HUGE pastime for DD and me when we were growing up).DD, thanks for taking the time to include me in your work. I love you!

  8. >That is wonderful! I love the added bugles on the wood. I love the curved portions of the couch/sofa (I never know the difference) and how well it shows. Excellent! Just superb! WAy to go.

  9. >I have a quilt friend who talks about the “paralyzed by finish” syndrome. Her solution is to never completely clear the slate… start something new or at least put things out that will inspire you to start your next piece before you finish your current project. When I remember, I find this very useful. You’ve never be stopped for long, so maybe it’s not a practical concept for you. But it could help with the post birth blues, which is another syndrome I’ve experienced. Congratulations re previous post!!!!

  10. >yeah, has your sister seen this piece? What does she think? I think it’s really amazing. Congrats on finishing it. Do you ever get sad when a piece is finished? I’ve gotten that way over a big piece that I’ve done, it’s like I miss working on it!anyway, Congrats, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  11. >I just enjoyed a stroll through your gallery. What wonderful pieces you create! “Waiting for Dad” is so great, and of course this gardener loved the aphids (with accompanying haiku).I posted a very short blog piece just now that refers readers (sorry, not too many of those…) to your portfolio.Fun and very sweet art. Thank you.

  12. >So sad that it is already done! 😉 But it look gorgeous. I think it is good that you have not hung it on a wall. I think, the way you did it, it fits better to the piece. What does your sister say???

  13. >Congrats on finishing this piece! (sniff sniff) It’s been a fun journey watching the progress unfold. (sniff) I…I’m happy and sad. I have to go… (sniff sniff)It looks great!I’m damn excited to see what the next project might be!

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