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A few days ago I went to my local frame shop, and picked up a large sheet of acid-free matte board. You know, the kind they use to frame pictures with. This is exactly what I needed to stiffen my piece. Tonight, I cut out a piece, and bent the sides upwards. I also cut out 2 other pieces.

Chucky had suggested using Liquid Nails to construct my piece. I didn’t have any on hand, but I did have some E-6000 Industrial Adhesive. This stuff will glue anything together. I think you can even fix leaks on your boat with it. I swear by this glue, but I also swear at it, because the longer you have a tube of the stuff, the harder it is to get the damn cap off! LOL…. Do you think I need a new tube of glue??

Next, I glued the pieces of matte (as well as two other pieces) to the back of my felt foundation. I used a thin layer of glue, because I’m only using it so that the stiffeners don’t move around. Remember, I hate using glue, but I believe it’s necessary for these 3-dimensional pieces.

Then, I laid my beadwork onto the stiffener, and it works! It will hold the sides of the beaded sofa up just like I was hoping. Laying flat, the sides measure 1.25″ in height.

I decided to use a thick brown felt to back this piece with because it is the exact same colour as the brown beads. But, I’m going to use 2 layers of felt. So, I cut out another piece of felt and glued it to the stiffener with Elmer’s glue. (I used glue here only because I’m lazy.)

Then, I used Elmer’s once again, and stuck the second piece of felt to the first piece. I have found that it’s better to have the backing attached somehow so that it doesn’t move around while you’re trying to stitch it into place.

I must wait for all the glues to dry before I can start stitching the felt around the edge of the piece. But, first, I need to get the glue off of my camera=:0

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  1. >Like Robin, I do not think glue is a good solution if you want your pieces to last. Whatever you use, it should be acid-free AND reversible (capable of being taken apart and replaced).My suggestion is to sew velcro to the stiffner of your choice and its velcro mate to your piece. Yes, you can sew on cardboard. Just make sure it is acid-free.

  2. >I always love dropping in. Your work is so wonderful. I am an addict of the E6000 too. I wanted to share with you what I do. I get ‘mad’ at my glue too. It sounds so funny doesn’t it? I take tiny scissors and poke a hole towards the top to allow a little drop to come out. I keep doing this as I need the glue. It works to do this at the bottom too, then you can just start to roll up the tube as it gets used. One would think the makers could come up with a different way to get the glue out of there huh? I also wear a little mask if I’m using the glue for a long time. It’s so harsh!

  3. >The pictures are fine now, at least for me. Thanks for showing the various angles and your finishing process!!! I have to admit that I detest the smell of most glue (a glue sniffer I’ll never be!), especially E-6000. The way I’ve gotten around using it for sculptures is by drilling holes in the support piece (cardboard, template plastic, metal, whatever) and sewing the beadwork onto the support through the holes. I just don’t trust glue on a piece that I’d like to see passed along for years to come. Your piece is splendid!

  4. >Ok, if steve does it. Then you shouldn’t.Captain: that reminds me of a line in Airplane when the director or who ever he was says “I sure picked a bad week to quit _______” That movie rocks, or but back to beadin’…beadin’ is nice. beadin’ is good…

  5. >Well, my computer didn’t give me anything but red X’s for the picture and wee, bitty frame. So the only one (picture)I saw was matte frame. I hate using glue too. And E6000 is a good glue, but the smell. Argh! Makes me nearly nauseous. So I use the less expensive and smelly 527 from Michael’s. Both have the stiffness as it gets older and cap sticking problem. Sigh!

  6. >Wow! There’s a lot that goes into this! Glue and I never get along very well. At some point I get stuck to some object and then the cursing begins.I like Chucky’s idea of me and him at an OZZY show! LOL!

  7. >It sounds like there’s quite a process to making one of your bead sculptures! I think my attention span would be to short to complete one of these. But, I do enjoy watching your progressI wasn’t able to see all the photos either, but enough to get an idea.

  8. >I would never get anywhere using glue like that because a minute after I took the cap off I would be shoving the tube up my nose. Ok, I admit it, I like drugs a little too much.

  9. >I am totally inspired to get into my hobbies again…i actually used to paint and build and make things all the time. I miss it!!! Thank you my dearest Beader…

  10. >Did you glue any figners together?I do see a bunch of lil red Xs.Almost done YaY!Now I think you should get to workin’ on Beadin RD and me at an Ozzy consert!Just a thought 😉

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